British Counter-Terrorism Police Harass Man Over Right Wing Facebook Posts [AUDIO]

Counter-terrorism police in the United Kingdom recently interviewed a man named Christian Finch to discuss the thought crimes he committed within numerous anti-Islamic Facebook posts.

As soon as everyone sat down, the officers immediately started to harp on Finch and started by asking him why he’s so nervous and then asked in-depth questions about his political beliefs. Finch was even asked if he was “far-right or extreme right,” seemingly implying that the officers believed he was some form of extremist.

Throughout the entire interview, Finch was told that his views could lead to extremism and it’s even implied that his posts could cause someone to commit a violent act.

God Emperor Trump

The officers begin the debate in a friendly tone, laughing and telling Finch to have a seat. Finch apparently did not even know who he was being interviewed by until the police identified themselves as anti-terrorism operatives. He quickly responded, “I’m not doing any terrorism.”

“We get reports from all over,” the officers began, “because there are people on social media, all sorts of social media, Twitter, that are saying things that some people take offense to. They may be either extreme, or on the way to becoming extreme. Yeah?”

Finch interrupted to tell the officers what he posts is “common sense” and if the officers “go back 10 years, everyone would be saying the same thing, it’s just a sort of madness now.”

“It’s all just gone so far left it’s gone crazy,” said Finch, “come on, give me a break.”

The police officers then asked him to describe his location on the political spectrum.

“By the media’s definition, I’d say it was probably right.”

Stop A Commie

The officers then wanted to know whether he was an extremist. The conversation became increasingly combative from this point.

While tense, the interview remains level headed through the end, though the officers became increasingly confrontational confrontational. It did not end in Finch’s arrest, though the incident has terrifying implications for British citizens.

The interview is “voluntary,” but there is very clearly an element of intimidation throughout this interview. If the government continues to invite people to these voluntary interviews based on anti-Islamic posts, the next logical step is forcing these conversations with police.

Liberals will cry “slippery slope fallacy!” but in the United States this was clearly illustrated through the Patriot Act. It began with the government spying on terrorists and potential terrorists, and quickly evolved into a dragnet spying operation on every citizens in the United States in the name of part of “counter terrorism.”

If the government sees an opportunity to increase their power through fear, then they will do it. Those in power will never willfully give up their power.

Thankfully, Finch recorded the entire interview for the world to hear, and it was shortly spread all over /pol/.

Listen for yourself.



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