Trump To Crowd: ‘We Are Throwing MS-13 The Hell Out’ Of Our Country (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump held a rally in Youngstown, Ohio yesterday, and delivered a rousing speech about cracking down on illegal immigration, specifically street gangs and drug traffickers.

God Emperor Trump

He boasted about the record low number of illegal crossings and border apprehensions under his administration.

Via The Daily Caller:

“‘Since I took office we have cut illegal immigration on our Southern border by record numbers–78 percent,’ Trump told the crowd before they started chanting ‘Build the Wall.”Just so you understand, we’ve already started fixing much of the good wall that’s already there,’ Trump said. ‘But, we are breaking records.’

The president assured the crowd that Mexican officials told him that many people are no longer even trying to cross the border because they are afraid of the consequences under the Trump administration.In June, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported a 53 percent drop in the number of apprehensions at the border, which correlates with fewer people attempting to cross illegally.”

It’s a welcome sight to see an administration finally cracking down on what author Ann Coulter has described as the “third-world peasant culture” that invades every aspect of American society, and brings crime, drugs, and rape.

And finally, Trump made sure to single out and bash degenerate street gang MS-13.

Stop A Commie

“We are cracking down hard on the foreign criminal gangs that have brought illegal drugs, violence, horrible bloodshed to peaceful neighborhoods all across our country,’ Trump continued. ‘We are throwing MS-13 the hell out of here so fast.”

A new day is starting in America, and it’s one without degenerate illegals.




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