Transgenderism is a Mental Disorder, Get Over It

Credit: Greg Hernandez, Frankie Fouganthin, dvsross, Udo Grimberg, Charles Rogers

Imagine if severe mental disorders were treated as part of an “identity”. Try to picture a community of paranoid schizophrenics lobbying for their rights to “see the world in their own way” and “express their violent tendencies in a healthy and constructive manner”.

Gender dysphoria is described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) as “A marked incongruence between one’s experienced/expressed gender and assigned gender, of at least 6 months’ duration”

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Basically, if you are born as a male and have gender dysphoria that means that you have an intense desire to look like, act like and live like a woman, and vice versa if you’re a woman born with gender dysphoria. Pretty straightforward, right?

Unfortunately, the left decided that being transgender is a perfectly normal and healthy condition to live with. This also extends to children, so if your little boy is feeling a little feminine today, off comes the penis, even though all science and psychiatry not only suggests but outright declares transgenderism as a mental disorder.

Mental illness has been taken more and more seriously in recent years, and that’s a great thing. Most mental illnesses nowadays are usually treated with a mix of therapy and medication, with consistent positive effects.

However, the main “treatment” for gender dysphoria is getting a so-called sex change, in some cases where the participant of said sex change has their genitals turned inside out and into a hairy open wound to simulate a vagina.

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This is not only being considered a normal and healthy reaction to being diagnosed with gender dysphoria, but it’s being encouraged nationwide! Bruce Jenner got a boob job and suddenly he’s relevant again, holding both men and women’s awards

I firmly believe that having gender dysphoria does not detract from the value of being a human being, in fact I believe that those diagnosed with gender dysphoria need our help now more than ever because they are constantly being reassured that their mental illness is “part of who they are”.

So, remember, cutting off your dick doesn’t make you a girl, it just makes you a guy without a dick.



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