Google Fired Engineer Who Wrote Infamous ‘Echo Chamber’ Memo Because They Are One

Recently a formerly anonymous employee at Google sent out a memo where he expressed some concern about how the company tends to create an “ideological echo chamber.” The author primarily attempts to address certain biases that Google has that doesn’t allow for an open and honest conversation.

The most controversial part of the memo describes the inherent biological differences between men and women, and because of that we shouldn’t assume they’ll always act similar or make similar choices.

However, the author goes out of his way to explain that he doesn’t think that we should treat people based on their population trends and that we should instead treat them as individuals. He simply uses the data to provide an explanation as to why women aren’t as well represented in the tech industry.

Naturally, Google did the rational thing and immediately fired the man behind the memo, even though an internal poll showed that most of the employees generally agreed with what the memo said. This shows that employees at Google are scared to speak their minds for fear of being fired.

Google is a private company and can do as they please (within reasonable limits), however, it’s completely dishonest of them to pretend that they don’t have an extreme bias against conservative opinions while they continue to censor conservatives on both Google and YouTube.

You can read the full memo here.

As far as protecting free speech, Google does not have a good track record.

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Google’s company, YouTube, has a bad habit of demonetizing “controversial” videos (apparently pro-refugee propaganda is not controversial). Really, they demonetize videos that even hold a hint of conservative values.

According to an interview from Breitbart, a formal Google employee has revealed that Google tries to censor anti-PC content on Google.

Google has even announced that YouTube will be teaming up with the ADL to target “hate speech”, the same people who declared Pepe The Frog a hate symbol.

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