Failing New York Times Is Scared Of Sinister College Students Talking To Their Writers

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The failing New York Times has gained a name for itself as an outlet for spreading leftist talking points and propaganda, but it appears they are also spreading something else amongt their beat writers at the office: paranoia.

In a bizarre tweet and attached screenshot from Clifford Levy, the Deputy Managing Editor for the Times, editors and reporters are cautioned to steer clear of “someone claiming to be a [college] student” who is supposedly trying to solicit damaging statements about the paper from unwary staff.

God Emperor Trump

The statement warned that the Times is “concerned that this could be a ruse by someone trying to trick unwary Times journalists into unguarded or damaging statements.”

The warning goes on to directly reference the “hidden-camera ploy” used on CNN, in which Project Veritas’ James O’ Keefe stealthily obtained footage of CNN hosts and producers admitting to falsifying coverage of the Trump-Russia collusion story, as well as disgusting bias against the American people and President Donald Trump.

It’s interesting that the Times thinks recordings of their reporters could heavily damage the paper’s standing credibility, as was the case with CNN.

The statement goes on to warn that “even reasonable and light-hearted remarks” could appear improper if brought to light, and stresses that New York Times’ staff should know who they’re talking to, particularly if their source could be the shadowy college student referenced in Levy’s tweet.

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The New York Times has become a public enemy of the American people after its decades of poor and biased coverage, and has repeatedly been called out by President Donald Trump on Twitter for their perceived dishonesty.



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