TEXAS: Parent Claims Son Sent Home From Public School with “Lesson” About Islam

Image Credit: r/The_Donald

A Texas parent posted a photo online that shows a “lesson” about Islam. The parent says their son was sent home from school with this piece of paper. 

Image Credit: r/The_Donald

The paper claims that Islam is a religion of peace, a common practice among many progressive thinking left wingers.  However, Islam has proven to be NOT a religion of peace, which so many claim, but in fact just the opposite.  A vehicle for devastating horror.  No pun intended.

God Emperor Trump

We see the devastation Islam is causing all over Europe.  The news headlines are disturbing.  Many are dying in, what now feels like, nearly daily attacks carried out by Muslim extremists.  The Muslims that do not practice extremism are hesitant to condemn their radical brethren, which is concerning, because the violence demonstrated by ISIS is horrific.  Islam is clearly not a peaceful religion at all.

This forced misinformation by the public school system has been going on for decades and is now taking the shape of teaching false facts about religions at school.  Easily proven false facts.

Why is the left so persistent on forcing their false globalist agenda on our children?

This is the latest in forced propaganda on our children.  It comes amid droves of transexual/non-binary gendered YouTube channels and in-person classroom lessons for kids springing up everywhere, as well as drag shows featuring children.

Stop A Commie

What is this timeline? Can we just go back to the days of good old reading, writing, and arithmetic?  Does the left need to push it’s disgusting vile propaganda on even our youngest of children?

The left seems to feel that it does.

This child being sent home with a letter praising Islam as a religion of peace is alarming for all Americans.




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