If The Term ‘Cuck’ Offends You, You Are One

Nick Solari

The fact that leftists derive a sort of erotic high from seeing great things screwed over is undeniable.

God Emperor Trump

Most of them no longer deny that they prefer to see their spouses, culture, and nation raped and ravaged by degenerate third-world cultures. Whether they’re looking up BBC gangbangs on Pornhub or opening our borders to waves of unskilled criminal aliens, the left can not hide their shameful cuckolding tendencies any longer.

It’s not just leftists who are peeved at being correctly identified by this term, however. Open-borders libertarians, neoconservatives, centrist nu-males and Ben Shapiro fanboys are all quick to go on the defensive against “4chan nazi alt-right internet insults.” Because they know the word hits too close to home.

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While it is undoubtedly overused by overzealous normies (the same crowd that spam low-effort Deus Vult cringe memes and “Hitler was awesome XDDDDDD” copypastas), ‘cuck’ remains the most apt descriptor of those who support open borders, white genocide, and the death of Western culture.

Stop A Commie

/pol/ does not often make up terms out of whole cloth. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

If you don’t want be called a cuck, then stop being one.



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