Math Is ‘Unjust’, Racist, And Too Hard For Minorities Claim National Teachers Organizations

According to a report by Campus Reform, mathematics itself is the newest target as a symbol of white supremacy.

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Department of Memes has reported in the past about leftists claiming algebra is racist because it’s too difficult for black children.

Now, while this claim is absurd, most of our readers were glad to see algebra being done away with, no matter the motive. This is a sentiment shared by the author.

However, the communists in the education system have already moved past algebra.

From Campus Reform’s article:

“Two national mathematics organizations are on a mission to prove that math education is ‘unjust and grounded in a legacy of institutional discrimination.’ The National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) and TODOS: Mathematics for All ‘ratify social justice as a key priority in the access to, engagement with, and advancement in mathematics education for our country’s youth,’ the groups declared last year in a joint statement, elaborating that ‘a social justice stance interrogates and challenges the roles power, privilege, and oppression play in the current unjust system of mathematics education—and in society as a whole.'”

That’s right folks – mathematics is grounded in power, privilege, and oppression. Apparently Asians are the beneficiary of this systemic racism, as a Boston College study has confirmed that Asian children are dominant in the fields of science and mathematics.

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“While the organizations hope that math can be used as a tool for social justice in the future, they also believe that math has historically perpetuated ‘segregation and separation,’ asserting in their joint statement that ‘mathematics achievement, often measured by standardized tests, has been used as a gatekeeping tool to sort and rank students by race, class, and gender starting in elementary school.’

Citing the practice of ‘tracking,’ in which pupils are sorted by academic ability into groups for certain classes, NCSM and TODOS argue that ‘historically, mathematics and the perceived ability to learn mathematics have been used to educate children into different societal roles such as leadership/ruling class and labor/working class leading to segregation and separation.'”

The attack on standardized testing is key here, as it is something social justice activists have long raged against.

The implementation of a non-discriminatory universal grading system is consistently too difficult for immigrants and black children, the latter repeatedly failing to pass entry-level subjects as reported by the New York Times.

“The groups also bemoan the ‘white and middle class’ workforce of math teachers, fretting that it may not appropriately ‘reflect’ the demographics of the communities in which they teach, such as immigrant or racial minority communities. Social justice could be the key to solving these issues, they say, calling on math teachers to assume a ‘social justice stance’ that ‘challenges the roles power, privilege, and oppression play in the current unjust system of mathematics.’

NCSM and TODOS even provided detailed strategies that math teachers can use to promote social justice, such as advocating for increased ‘recruitment and retention of math teachers from historically marginalized groups’ and challenging “’individual and societal beliefs underlying the deficit views about mathematics learning and children, with specific attention to race/ethnicity, class, gender, culture, and language.’ But social justice work is nothing without accountability, they warn, declaring that ‘we must hold the profession and our organizations accountable to making a just and equitable mathematics education a sustainable reality.'”

A “just and equitable” mathematics education would be one based on merit, not skin color.

It’s time to take your kids out of public school before the only classes remaining are sex ed, gender studies, and Fuck White People 101.



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  1. Oddly enough, those academics and researchers so concerned send their children to rigorous private schools where, yes, math as we know it, will continue. It’s YOUR kids they want to screw with, just as it’s YOUR money they’re talking about when they say WE must have a way to “pay for” your keeping of your paycheck (when they say tax cuts must be made up somewhere else in the budget, but definitely not in congressional health care, pay, or bennies.)

    P.S. Featuring FB as the first appropriate place to reply on this page is not dealing with memes involving privacy, y’know?

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