Students Chant ‘F*ck Trump’, Flip Off Trump Hotels During School Walk Out Day

Image Credit: Twitter

In a sad example of leftist brainwashing, American school children were recorded on video chanting obscenities while making obscene gestures to a Trump hotel in Washington, D.C.

America’s school children have been invited to participate in a “walk out” in order to protest violence in schools. It has been met with a myriad of controversy from the right, and it now appears that allowing America’s juveniles to spend a day unsupervised may have had unintended effects.

ABC7’s Kevin Lewis first reported the event on Twitter:

God Emperor Trump

This became part of a pattern repeated elsewhere in the country, including in outside the Trump Hotel in New York City, where passersby stopped to take pictures and record the protests on video:


Stop A Commie


Participation in the event was organized by districts throughout the country, and students were asked to participate. Many teachers did not hold class during the walkout period.

One teacher came under fire on Facebook, when instead of participating in the walkout, she invited her sixth grade students to “walk up” and reach out to a student who is lonely, isolated, or bullied. Many said she was asking students to prevent school shootings, and lamented her for not blaming the NRA.




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