Trump Hater Snoop Dogg Promotes Attacks On Cops, Fails BIG LEAGUE At Basic Research

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The rat-looking old man known as Snoop Dogg is trying once again to be relevant and hip to the youth, this time with a July 17 Instagram post that featured a video of a McDonald’s security guard being viciously attacked by a garden-variety pair of ghetto reprobates.

Apparently the Dogg thinks a sluggish rent-a-cop at McDonald’s is an armed law enforcement officer.

The post was captioned “Tables turned 1 point for us 👊🏾. F.T.P. It’s bout that time.”

God Emperor Trump

That’ll get your name back in the headlines, old man. For about a week.

Tables turned 1 point for us 👊🏾. F. T. P. It’s bout that time

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From Blue Lives Matter:

The incident depicted in the video happened early in the morning on July 5, when a McDonalds security guard saw two homeless men sleeping at tables in the 24-Hours McDonalds at 2nd and Colorado.

“They were taking up space it’s a private property so the security guard was asking them to buy some food or they needed to leave,” a Santa Monica PD Lieutenant told FOX11.

The men reacted by attacking the security guard. A bystander tried to grab one of the men to stop him from swinging at the guard, and the guard brought out his pepper spray. The spray appeared to have little effect, as the brawl continued out the front doors, where another bystander hit the attacker with a chair.

It’s interesting that that Snoop thinks this incident is a clarion call for “bruthas” around the nation to physically assault police, considering that had real LEOs been present the perpetrators would likely have been Tased, or perhaps even shot.

But no matter.

Stop A Commie

More from the article:

Officers were able to catch one suspect and take him into custody for assault with a deadly weapon.

The security guard sustained cuts and bruises and refused medical attention.

The clip from the video posted by Snoop Dogg shows the most violent part of the video as the guard was getting repeatedly punched in the head.

It remains difficult to take Snoop and other entertainment elites seriously as they pretend to be allied with the poor and pontificate about taking down the establishment from their ivory towers of fame and fortune – largely orchestrated by rich white men in the music industry.

But don’t be despaired, the author is sure the Dogg will drag himself back into the spotlight with another publicity stunt in coming months, as he did previously with a music video miming the assassination of President Donald Trump.

We await more poignant social commentary and calls to action from Hollywood celebs with baited breath.



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