SJW Gets Slammed On Twitter For Thinking Strikeout Sign Is Racist

In one of the most laughable examples of social justice outrage we’ve seen in a while, a young woman named Sania Kay was attending an Atlanta Braves baseball game when she was apparently appalled by a “definitely not ok” sign in the outfield, and took to Twitter to express her outrage.

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Within seconds she was being openly mocked for mistaking the K-counter – a method of counting strikeouts using the symbol ‘K’ that was originally popularized by fans of Jewish pitcher Sandy Koufax – as a sinister symbol of white supremacy and institutionalized racism.

Apparently Sania thinks that there are only three strikeouts per baseball game, and Twitter users were quick to capitalize on this jackassery and point out the young woman’s ignorance and disrespect of the sport.

Ironically, the top reply to the tweet was by a black man explaining that there was nothing racist about the sign, and in response Ms. Kay responded that he “must not care about [his] race as much as I [do]”.

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Perhaps, therein lies the problem with white guilt in general.

Regardless, this incident serves as a sterling example of why the cancerous leftist mindset has so ingrained itself in the heads of our youth that there is now symbol, tradition, or institution that remains safe from the tarred brush of “racism”.

Don’t worry folks, we’ll keep mocking the left for this tripe. Their ignorance deserves to be exposed.

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