Sean Hannity Destroys Morning Joe With Savage Twitter Bantz

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

When you think of epic banter the name Sean Hannity doesn’t usually come to mind. The Fox News host has been a loyal Trump supporter and emissary of the Republican agenda for quite some time, but his views tend to fall on the normie end of the spectrum.

Things have changed.

God Emperor Trump

Using his trademark moniker for Scarborough, “Liberal Joe”, the Han-Man mocked the latter’s integrity, low ratings, lack of singing ability, and effectively called him a cuck whose opinions are formulated pure to please the DNC and his controlling, deranged co-host and lover, Mika Brzezinski.

Hannity has carved out a niche for himself roasting MSNBC cuck host Joe Scarborough on Twitter, and the rampage he went on this morning was something to behold.

Stop A Commie

This is only one chapter in the feud between Sean and Joe, as their banter has increased in intensity since President Trump targeted ‘low IQ’ Mika and her bloody facelift in a tweet last month.

One thing can be sure: As long as Scarborough continues to choose to run his show as a deranged Real Housewivesstyle soap opera of anti-Trump filth, there will be plenty of low-hanging fruit for Hannity to pounce on and use to ridicule Joe in the future.

We welcome this new version of /ourguy/ Hannity.



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