Major Intelligence Organization Killed ‘Russia Narrative’ Right Before Charlottesville Distracted Everyone

In 2003 the media was eager to tell the world what The Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity had to say about the quest for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but in 2017 the media is totally silent about what VIPS has to say about the Russia fake news narrative.

God Emperor Trump

In 2003, the New York Times gave VIPS massive publicity in the form of a 700-word article that challenged the idea of Sadam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. According to the Times piece, the intelligence agency believes the American people were manipulated by the Bush administration in order to start another war.

The group itself began in 2003 as retired intelligence officials from the CIA and NSA were sick of the American people being lied to by the Bush administration. Being a Republican administration, even if it was a cuckservative and neoconservative administration, the media had a love-hate relationship with President Bush. This made the New York Times and other fake news organizations eager to give VIPS free publicity.

Now that President Trump, an economic nationalist who wants to put America First, has assumed the office and taken over the Republican Party in what can be described as a hostile takeover, it is likely an understatement to say the media has as strictly hate-hate relationship with the current administration. Thus, VIPS has been almost totally ignored by the mainstream media.

In spite of the majority of its coverage being from little known websites of often ill repute, VIPS has published another document that all but destroys the Russia narrative with a combination of common sense and years of experience that only intelligence professionals would have.

VIPS painstakingly analyzed the emails and documents leaked by Guccifer 2.0, and found that they were edited to add what the former intelligence agents call “Russian fingerprints.”

Stop A Commie

The examined the sheer amount of data, and realized that if it were a hack it would have been technologically impossible for the Russians to make off with the amount of data they did in the time frame required. They would have been using a Virtual Private Connection, or VPN, which drastically lowers download speeds. Further, even if they had used a VPN, they would have been downloading at speeds faster than are available to pretty much everyone in the world.

This would suggest this “hack” that the media has been foaming at the mouth about since November is actually a leak. An inside job.

All of this came to light on August 10, 2017. Mere days before white identitarians, who were likely infiltrated by federal spooks themselves, marched on Charlottesville with torches and outfits that reminded older Americans of the famous 1924 Klan Bake, the popularized name for the Democratic National Convention of that year, which saw hundreds of members of the Ku Klux Klan marching with torches.

This spectacle allowed the media to completely escape responsibility yet again. Rather than admit they might have been wrong when telling the world that President Trump is literally Putin, they are right back into the familiar 2015-2016 narrative: Trump is Literally Hitler.



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