7 Reasons Why Trump Banning Transgenders From The Military Is Absolutely Necessary

Trump Clapping by Gage Skidmore
Trump Clapping by Gage Skidmore

President Donald Trump started everyone’s day with some exceptionally good news: his administration will not allow individuals who identify as transgender to serve in the United States military.

For those who have been following this issue, this comes as a welcome relief and some very great news. For those not acquainted with the many problems associated with having transgender people in the military, here are 7 reasons why the ban is absolutely necessary.

1. It Costs Taxpayers Way Too Much Money

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We’re talking about a ton of money here. According to transgender advocacy website Tgender.net, a male-to-female surgery can cost $17,000, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Transgender individuals require a lifelong regimen of hormones and hormone blockers to keep the masculine or feminine figures their mental illness makes them think they need. In the first two years, Tgender.net says transgender individuals should expect to spend “$1000 for therapy, $1500 for hormones, and $500 for doctors visits and lab tests,” with the cost of hormones continuing for the rest of the transgender individual’s life. Which may actually not be that long.

2. Insanely High Suicide Rate

Individuals who identify as transgender have a suicide rate north of 40%, with the National Center for Biotechnology Information suggesting the official suicide rate for transgender individuals  lies between 32% and 50% depending on where the sample is taken. Say we go with the widely accepted ballpark figure of 40%. That means two in every five transgender people have such a terrible mental state they will commit suicide.

While liberals like to say this is due to discrimination, they are completely wrong by their own standards. Blacks, who according to leftists are still discriminated against widely, have a much lower suicide rate. In fact, the the race with the highest suicide rate is white people.

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What’s worse, after the U.S. taxpayer foots the bill for hormone blockers and hormones to make men grow breasts and women grow beards, the transgender suicide rate gets higher. In other words, taxpayers are going to invest a sizable sum of money in an individual only for that individual to have an increased likelihood of committing suicide. Sorry it seems callous, but numbers are numbers.

3. It’s A Mental Illness

Sorry, but it’s true. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it. In fact, a prominent John Hopkins psychologist has basically been blackballed for telling the truth about this fact. Dr. Paul R. McHugh has written six books, at least 125 peer reviewed articles, and has been quoted all over the place, yet people dismiss his views on transgenderism because it doesn’t suit their narrative.

From CNS’ article on Dr. McHugh:

Stop A Commie

The transgendered person’s disorder, said Dr. McHugh, is in the person’s “assumption” that they are different than the physical reality of their body, their maleness or femaleness, as assigned by nature. It is a disorder similar to a “dangerously thin” person suffering anorexia who looks in the mirror and thinks they are “overweight,” said McHugh.

This assumption, that one’s gender is only in the mind regardless of anatomical reality, has led some transgendered people to push for social acceptance and affirmation of their own subjective “personal truth,” said Dr. McHugh. As a result, some states – California, New Jersey, and Massachusetts – have passed laws barring psychiatrists, “even with parental permission, from striving to restore natural gender feelings to a transgender minor,” he said.

The pro-transgender advocates do not want to know, said McHugh, that studies show between 70% and 80% of children who express transgender feelings “spontaneously lose those feelings” over time. Also, for those who had sexual reassignment surgery, most said they were “satisfied” with the operation “but their subsequent psycho-social adjustments were no better than those who didn’t have the surgery.”

4. It Does Not Make The Military Better At Killing

The military’s job is to kill people. It is not to coddle young people, promote social change, provide employment, help people find love, or any such nonsense. The United States military exists to kill anyone who President Donald Trump and the rest of his administration deem a threat to the security of the United States of America and its citizenry.

If you don’t believe us, this is what United States Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis has to say about shooting people.

God bless that man.

5. Transgender People Keep Making Headlines For Sexual Assault

As was noted in the hotly contested bathroom debate (you know: should we make little girls use the same bathroom as grown men in dresses), conservatives began noticing a startling number of headlines where transgender individuals commit sexual assault and other similar attacks.

Currently, the military sees over 15,000 cases of sexual assault per year. There is no reason to raise this number by bringing in a population where it is common place.

6. Transgender People Can’t Deploy While Transitioning

Kind of defeating the entire point of a “transgender soldier” is the Obama administration’s guidelines for how to deal with transgender military personnel: give them an entire year to transition while getting their bills paid by the U.S. taxpayer. This really seems counter intuitive to the whole goal of the military, which is, again, to kill people who are a threat to the United States.

7. Liberals Have To Defend This

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Democrats now have to go home and tell their constituents why we need transgender individuals in the military. They will need to go into blue collar states like Michigan and tell veterans, small business owners, miners, and factory workers why their taxes should be raised in order to pay for hormones for transgendered people.

The ball is in their court. This is their battle to lose.




  1. Ah, the sweet sound of sanity echoing across our country. About time!

    Now, stop trying to grow insanity in our young peoples’ minds….

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