15 Real CNN Headlines That Prove CNN Is On Suicide Watch

God Emperor Trump

After becoming one of the most hated organizations in the country and suffering the scorn of President Trump, The Fraudulent News Network, formerly known as the Cuckold News Network, formerly known as the Communist News Network, formerly known as the Clinton News Network, is officially on suicide watch.

They’re currently in full damage control mode, and they seem to think people actually care about their pathetic feelings. Their obsession with Trump is at fever pitch, and they’re doing everything they can to make as many fake news articles as they can about how evil drumpf is.

As with the BuzzFeed headlines, I literally just went to CNN’s website, and found all the incredibly stupid Trump-related headlines that were on their main page. No clicking allowed. These are real headlines written by real fake news journalists. Without further ado, let’s get this shitpost on the road:

Stop A Commie
  1. Trump punches CNN in a juvenile tweet
  2. Twitter says Trump’s tweet doesn’t violate its rules
  3. Navarro: How low can Trump go?
  4. Cillizza: Wrestling is the perfect metaphor for Trump’s presidency
  5. Senator warns Trump may be ‘weaponizing distrust’
  6. SE Cupp: Healthy, happy people do not behave like Trump
  7. Will wall in Congress stop Trump’s border wall?
  8. States try to force Trump’s hand on DACA
  9. Colbert calls Trump tweets ‘on brand’
  10. The answer to Trump’s handshake? A bear hug
  11. Trump on Irish reporter: ‘She has a nice smile’
  12. Panel argues over Trump’s anti-CNN tweet
  13. Panel breaks into laughter over Trump exchange
  14. Reporter says Trump mocked colleague; Scarborough laughed
  15. White House pays women 80 cents for every dollar paid to men

Seriously, folks. We’re a website run by the admins of a Facebook page called God Emperor Trump, and we don’t even talk about Trump this much. SAD!




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