PURGE: God Emperor Trump Deleted by Facebook for SIXTH Time

God Emperor Trump Unpublished July 2018

PRESS RELEASE: Popular pro-Trump Facebook page God Emperor Trump, which had over 330,000 likes, has been removed by Facebook for the sixth time. 

No posts were removed from the page, none of the page’s staff were banned from the platform, and nobody was given the customary “Session Expired” notification users receive when they go against one of Facebook’s Community Standards. Instead, our team was given a notification that God Emperor Trump was unpublished with no explanation.

God Emperor Trump

The page was unpublished at approximately 1 a.m. on July 17, 2018. Facebook did not immediately respond to our request for an explanation.

This is the sixth time our page has been purged by Facebook in some form. God Emperor Trump was first unpublished in 2016, when pointing out the “homosexuality is punishable by death in 11 Muslim nations.” The page was next removed in January of 2017, and it was later explained to be an error on Facebook’s behalf. Using a flaw in Facebook’s security, our page was hacked in early 2018 (covered in NewsWars.com), which led to Facebook deleting our page two more times culminating in May of 2018.

All five prior occasions, Facebook has restored our page.

We are not a racist, anti-Semitic group of people. We are pro-America, pro-Christianity, pro-West, and pro-Memes. This is why we believe Facebook has given our page back five times. We simply do not post anything outside the realm of mainstream conservatism, or “Trumpism,” and we fastidiously make sure Facebook users in our group, God Emperor Trump (Official), follow this standard when posting.

Our team consists of Americans, South Americans, Europeans, Australians, and stretches across boundaries of race and culture. We are all united by a mutual admiration of President Donald Trump.

Stop A Commie

The purge of God Emperor Trump comes on the same day that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other social media executives will be testifying before Congress to answer accusations about political censorship of conservatives. We believe this is a clear and obvious example of censorship of mainstream conservatives, and it is the sixth such instance. At the same time, InfoWars recently released a bombshell report detailing the social media giants’ strategy to censor conservatives.

God Emperor Trump admin and creator Tom Pappert went live on Facebook to discuss the situation:

Pappert is available for comment via phone, email, or Skype. Contact him at tom@departmentofmemes.com.



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