VIDEO: Protesters Attacked Charlottesville Driver’s Car With Baseball Bat


On August 12, a driver drove his vehicle into a crowd of “anti-racist” protesters, killing one woman and injuring 19 other individuals. The suspect has been identified as James Alex Fields, Jr.

Department of Memes reported that police officers in Charlottesville believed the driver was not acting maliciously, suggesting he was scared by the protesters on every side of his vehicle and he did not know what to do.

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New shocking video has emerged that corroborates this theory.

Citizen researchers have slowed the video down and spotted an African American individual hitting the car with what appears to be a baseball bat before the suspect hit the crowd with his vehicle.

One such video posted to Streamable shows the driver slowing down, then accelerating quickly after his rear bumper is struck with the baseball bat.

The second video, originally posted to 4chan’s /pol/, is a thorough examination of the events that seems to suggest the driver was behaving normally until his vehicle was struck with the bat.

The video freezes at multiple stages, the first at 0:02, to show a bicyclist on the sidewalk behaving normally.

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The video then freezes at 0:04 to show the car being operated and normal speeds, and again at 0:10 to show the vehicle struck by what Department of Memes believes is a baseball bat.

The video then freezes at 0:14 to show the car attempt to brake and change direction, and once more at 0:19 as the mob closes in on the car and the driver speeds through them.

Last night it was revealed by a journalist who spoke to numerous officers at a police station in Charlottesville, Virginia that numerous officers believed the act was not malicious, and was done out of fear.

To recap: The protesters were standing in the middle of the street, blocking traffic. The car was attacked with a blunt object resembling a baseball bat by a protester. The vehicle was not speeding until a the protester attacked and the mob of people closed in on the driver.

If this story is confirmed, then the mainstream media’s narrative about the driver being a white supremacist who sought to kill people at an anti-racism event will be fully blown out of the water.




  1. The precedent set in Minnesota is that nigger cops imported from Somalia are fully justified in blowing away women in nightgowns, while comfortably seated in their squad cars, simply because they are “startled” by a loud noise.

    So the kid should walk. Then the victims should sue the city of Charlottesville for its role as the primary instigator of the violence that took place.

    Then the media will simply move on to their next bit of concocted fake news.

  2. They got what they deserved when this scared driver with his life in the balance took matters into his own way by using his car as defensive weapon to get away from this uncontrolled mob. He should be exonerated from prosecution.

  3. So a Somalia cop can shoot a white Australian woman in her slippers because he hears a loud noise while sitting safely in his cop card but a car is surrounded by a mob in the street that beats his car with a baseball bat and he is not supposed to react in order to save his life?

  4. I looked at several videos of the crash. What I see is a street scene with a mob, some armed with baseball bats, some wearing helmets. Definitely not a peaceful group of people. I see at least two vehicles stopped in the street. Then the Challenger comes down the street and rear-ends one of the stopped vehicles. Then the Challenger is attacked, the rear window is smashed, and the driver backs out of the attack to get away.

    The real question is what caused the original accident. Why did the Challenger rear-end the other vehicle. Was the driver trying to get away from another attack? Did he fear for his life? It makes no sense that he would somehow assault the mob by running into another vehicle.

    Based on what I have seen in these videos, the driver was acting in self-defense at least after the assault on his vehicle began.

    As for the people who were injured as he was backing up in order to escape the attack, that is their responsibility. They should not have been in the street.

    • Yes your exactly right. Hopefully the federal investigators will find the truth. Liberal rags lie all the time and can’t be trusted

  5. “You dont drive into a crowd because a guy hit your car with a bat unless you are an idiot driver or out to hurt or kill. Either way you are getting charged with a crime.”

    You DO know that a Somalian cop shot and KILLED a woman because he supposedly heard a loud sound, right? Was he an idiot cop or out to hurt or kill?

    The kid who panicked was charged with vehicular homocide within hourr. The cop who panicked has yet to be charged with ANYTHING a month out.

  6. http://www.boldprogressivescom is the group that brought #Antifa & #BLM to what was a permitted protest by the City of Charlottesville for the NeoNazi idiots, but until the #Antifa and # BLM was brought in by the Soros funded group it was a PEACEFUL Protest. The Governor Terry McAuliffe is a Progressive to the core and he and the City set up a conflict to happen and it got someone killed. Terry McAuliffe and ALL City officials including the Police Chief who blatantly lied during the press conference yesterday as if there wasn’t video evidence of what really happened.

  7. The FACT is nobody is showing us what happened before he even got in his car or even after it was all said and done. Did he flee the scene, what happened? He ran into a crowd, everyone screamed racism and he was labeled a racist terrorist. That’s it. Now after the fact videos like this are surfacing, the cops are questioning him, doing investigations, etc. Looks to me like he was being targeted before he even got in his vehicle, he was attacked while IN his vehicle, why did they attack his vehicle in the first place? He got scared, had no idea what hit his car, there were people everywhere, he didn’t know wtf was going on and he just tried to gtfo of dodge…

  8. The problem is , there should of NOT been a protest or march, what ever they call it now days, all it leads to is fighting, beatings, and now killings, the damn fools in these cities let paid protesters come in and get everyone pumped up, start riots, destroy property, then leave, just like BLM teaches nothing but hate, the KKK teaches nothing but hate and the brain dead youth of America believe their bullcrap, now we have this Antifa, born and raised out of the colleges my tax dollars paid for someone else’s kid to go to school for a useless course and become terrorist, something is very wrong with all of this and the Obama and Hillary lovers wonder why people voted for Trump, here’s your clue- we are tired of this crap, we are tired of the crooks in Washington, we are tired of baby sitting cry babies, we are tired of everyone wanting to change our history, our laws, our churches, our holidays,and we are real tired of the crime we see everyday and certain people getting away with it. It will end and it may not be the end these brain dead groups are hoping for, real Americans are getting their fill of it all and getting ready to fight back, I myself would not want to be in any of these groups when they come calling.

    • “Antifa, born and raised out of the colleges my tax dollars paid for someone else’s kid to go to school for a useless course and become terrorist, ”

      An even bigger danger is people that are ignorant and pop-off without first doing the research into the emmys that we face.

      The history I found on ANTIFA dates back to the 1930’s Germany and a part of the Hitler cancer.

  9. If he was fearful, then he had the constitutional right to bear arms. He was there legally, and his attackers were there illegally. This evidence gives him a very strong case. I actually feel like I might have done the same thing if I were in his shoes. If my car were being attacked by an angry mob with baseball bats, I wouldn’t have any other option. Think about it….Would you get out of the car (no way!!), stay in the parked car as they continue to bash it and possibly break the windows and beat you to a pulp (no thank you), or try your best to drive away? I hope that the courts follow the law and honor his American rights and don’t make decisions based on their emotions or views toward him

  10. Have people forgotten that the Supreme Court authorized a Ku Klux Klan group to march in Kankakee, Illinois? Just because some people have a message that others find objectionable is no reason to deprive them of their civil rights, as defined in the Constitution: “… the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.” And the Supreme Court agreed. In this case, when the city revoked the permit for Unite the Right to assemble, the ACLU (rightly) filed suit in federal court to have the permit reinstated. It is a violation of the Constitution to eliminate the rights of people just because others don’t agree with their message. To do so is fascistic.

  11. Nice try with cutting the video to fit your narrative. There is video showing this car getting a running head start from the block before this where he speeds through a stop sign. At the point the car was hit with the bat he was already at ramming speed for over a block.

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