Post-Op Trans Woman On Reddit: “I Wish I Hadn’t Listened To You”

A Reddit user recovering from sexual reassignment surgery expressed immense regret in Reddit’s r/AskTransgender subreddit and was largely given the cold shoulder by the pro-surgery community, causing the user to delete his account.

Many of the comments suggest this type of misery is natural and to be expected, and suggest the user should give it more time, in spite of the user describing his current emotions as “in the limit, totally fucked up, handicaped [sic],” showing a blatant disregard for the mental condition of a user who was apparently quite popular on the subreddit.

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Other users tried to comfort the original poster while reminding him that he made the right decision, and sexual reassignment surgery is a wonderful thing to be celebrated by all.

When one user pointed out that sexual reassignment surgery may not help everyone with gender dysphoria, users were quick to downvote the comment, and one pro-surgery user denied the other user’s opinion wholesale, even though the anti-surgery user was simply expressing a desire for more therapy and information being provided before something as radical as surgery were attempted.

At least one user had the good sense to say what everyone coming across this story is undoubtedly thinking.

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The suicide rate for transgender individuals is a staggeringly high 46%, and those who complete sexual reassignment surgery suffer from an even higher rate than those who do not.

Even worse, studies suggest the majority of transgender individuals will “age out” of transgenderism with time and therapy.

It is unknown what lead the original poster to delete the account. We can only hope he was able to find actual help outside of the Reddit community that led him to mutilate his body and greeted him coldly when he admitted to regrets.

Read the entire thread here.

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