PharmaBro Vanishes After Claiming He Has Dirt On Hillary, The Internet Is Losing It

Martin Shkreli, given the name Pharma Bro by Twitter when he testified before Congress appearing bored and playing his Nintendo DS, claims to have 10 MILLION of Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails as well as Clinton’s DNA. After making these claims he started posting nonsensical strings of letters and numbers on Facebook then disappeared from the Internet, and naturally, 4chan is losing it. 

Shkreli first started raising eyebrows in May when he offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who could provide information surrounding the death of Democratic staffer Seth Rich, who was brutally murdered during the 2016 campaign in what police believe was a robbery gone wrong.

Three months later, Shkreli is blowing everyone’s mind with his recent shitposts, in which he claims to have over 10 million unreleased Hillary Clinton emails as well as Clinton’s DNA.

God Emperor Trump

Today he’s garnered even more attention, as he live streamed himself for nearly 20 minuteswalking outside Trump Tower in New York City after claiming he was being followed and watched.

Shkreli also made a post insisting that he was not under any type of emotional duress, suggesting that should he meet an unfortunate end, we should question the circumstances.

Then the real craziness started. Shkreli began posting indecipherable messages on Facebook.

Stop A Commie

And then, because he wasn’t done messing with the Internet’s mind, he posted something truly bizarre in Arabic.

Facebook translates this as “Praise is the agent 16 praise God / Doesn’t she see the birds controlled in the atmosphere of heaven? Nothing controlling them except God. In fact those are signs for the people who believe. /Death to death, Spikisi to Chakrieli”

Some on Facebook and 4chan believe the code is amino acid sequences, while other believe it is Hillary Clinton’s DNA, and others believe he is posting the DNA of an organism that can regrow lost limbs (Reptilian overlords confirmed?)

However, the general consensus is that 10 million is a viable number of emails if spread out over years.

To be fair, Shkreli is an impressive Internet troll in his own right, and has successfully trolled Twitter, dozens of leftist websites, both chambers of the United States Congress, and frankly, the entire legal system. This could very well be an elaborate prank from one of the world’s wealthiest trolls. Only time will tell.

As for those wondering why Shkreli is interested in any of this information in the first place, we may have Milo Yiannopoulos to thank. When his now defunct podcast was getting started, Yiannopoulos had Shkreli on his program and successfully red pilled him on why Donald Trump would make an excellent choice for president.

It is entirely likely Shkreli fell down the same rabbit hole as thousands of others, desperately looking for answers about the demise of Seth Rich, and asking questions about the strange relationship between Clinton and her allies in the FBI, and how it all relates to the deep state.

Or maybe Shkreli’s just drunk and trolling everyone.

Again, only time will tell.



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