Pathological Liars At Failing New York Times Now Lying About Mayweather-McGregor Fight

Image Credits: Andrius Petrucenia

The Mayweather-McGregor fight was surprisingly interesting. Connor McGregor, who prior to last night had never stepped foot into a professional boxing ring, acquitted himself quite well against an opponent who many consider to be the greatest professional boxer since Muhammed Ali.

It was an incredibly tense first six rounds, as McGregor appears to be getting the upper hand. Sports announcers were wondering if Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s age might have been catching up with him. However, McGregor grew tired, and Mayweather quickly went on offense.

By the end of round 10, McGregor looked exhausted, and Mayweather was still pressing the attack. After 40-60 seconds without landing a punch on Mayweather and Mayweather landing blow after blow on McGregor, the referee ended the fight.

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During the post-fight interviews, McGregor and Mayweather spoke highly of each other. Mayweather confirmed that this would be his final fight, and McGregor briefly complained that the referee called it too soon, saying that he gets tired and “wobbly” before getting his second wind.

Neither had a speck of blood or as much as a bruise on their faces.

Yet, this is New York Times’s take on the event:

This is not the 1970s: the boxing match was televised across the entire globe in bars, restaurants, homes, and pirated live streams on the Internet. The T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, Nevada was jam packed without a single available seat. Millions of people watched the fight live in beautiful high definition.

And McGregor was not bloodied by the end.

New York Times is being beaten up harder than an Irishman in the ring with a championship boxer on Twitter for their blatant dishonesty:

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