‘There Is No Law’: Houston Former Policeman Fends Off Looters With Shotgun

A shocking video uploaded to YouTube purportedly shows the lawless state of Houston, Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, as a man with a shotgun fends off looters from a strip center where the ATM has already been trashed, and televisions litter the sidewalks.

The video begins with the camera pointed at a man who identifies himself as an “ex-swat officer,” telling the ladies recording that their “community is ashamed, we need more real men out here to protect where [we] live. This is only temporary.”

The ex-officer then turns around and sees what he apparently believes to be looters entering the strip mall. As the looters approach one of the stores, the man confronts them.

“Hey, no taking that stuff. I’m telling you one time, I’m not afraid to shoot you. I’m an ex-fucking-SWAT deputy. I will cut your ass in half.”

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The women recording the video from their vehicle explains, “they’re looting the stores, and this man out here is trying to literally protect the community.”

The ex-officer then approaches the video to address the camera again.

“I’m a former law enforcement officer, I still support law enforcement. So long as they do right.”

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One of the women, the younger woman’s mother, asks the man if anyone called 911 for him. Her daughter immediately replies that no help will be coming.

“911 ain’t gonna come, mamma, 911 is out of there. It’s either martial law or everybody else watching.” The ex-officer agreed off camera, saying “911 isn’t there.”

“There is no law,” she told her mother.

A flat screen TV looted from one of the stores the ex-officer was protecting.

At one point in the video the ex-officer sees a looter pick something up from one of the stores in the strip center. He yells for the looter to “put it down” and begins to approach with his shotgun, causing the looters to run away from the property.

Stop A Commie

After chasing the looters away, the ex-officer returns to the camera.

“It don’t make no sense that these guys out here, too lazy to get a damn job, the energy they’re using to rob they need to use that energy to rescue people.”

Another man sees what the ex-officer is doing and asks him to explain himself while on camera. The officer responds that he is protecting the community, and that Texas law gives him permission to use deadly force to protect a third party’s property.

“Looting is a violation of Texas law and federal law in the time of a catastrophe,” said the former officer, “Do not enter people’s homes. People, protect yourself. The constitution says you have the right to bear arms.”

The man recording says “that’s right, that’s a fucking hero.”

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The women then turn their phone’s video camera toward them, and explain their own situation.

Explaining their own experience with the lawlessness in Houston, the women heard reports of thugs claiming to be law enforcement officers and approaching stranded victims in boats then robbing them, and were afraid to call the authorities to get help evacuating throughout the hurricane. As a result, they were on their own as they attempted to evacuate and stay safe.

“We can’t call rescue boats because they have fake people posing on the rescue boats, and when they come to your house they’re robbing you in this storm.”

“You literally have to get out yourself.”



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