Net Neutrality Is Big-Government Leftist Cuckoldry

If you’re unfamiliar with net neutrality and what it entails for the average Internet consumer, I’d encourage you to read this great 2014 piece from Wired magazine that explains the ins and outs of the subject in a more detailed manner than I can do here.

(TL;DR at bottom of article in case you’re an impatient ADHD-cuck.)

There are a lot of heated discussions about net neutrality right now, particularly with mounting pressure from major corporations such as Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft trying to make the Trump administration cave in to the concept.

God Emperor Trump

As usual, anyone who disagrees with net neutrality is an evil capitalist shill who doesn’t realize that fast and free Internet is a fundamental human right and that government is just trying to help out the average Joe.

But as usual, the mainstream thought pattern is suspect.

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See, net neutrality doesn’t directly affect you or me right now. It’s the attempt by the federal government to turn Internet access into a public utility. It reclassifies the property of these private companies and forces them in some instance to take a loss, eventually putting them out of business and making room for larger companies like Facebook and Google who can handle the high density regulations.

The alleged problem that net neutrality would solve is traffic shaping by Internet Service Providers, or ISPs. The claim is they are capable of extorting money from popular online services like Netflix, who have a high traffic and tend to use much of the available bandwidth from these ISPs, by charging them extra to get normal speeds, what has been termed fast lane (read normal lane) and slow lane packages.

ISPs have a limited amount of bandwidth and in some cases the ISP is just being greedy with their assets (we’re looking at you, Comcast) and in other cases they just don’t have enough to accommodate the appetites of the users due to geographical isolation and other factors, so they raise the price. This is called supply and demand.

In other situations, nothing is wrong and everything is fine because there is enough competition between ISPs and enough available bandwidth. This doesn’t always happen, as local or state governments often given a regulatory monopoly or unofficial preference for certain ISPs (Comcast, AT&T, Cox Communications, Time Warner, and other cronies) in some states.

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Stop A Commie

Another factor is the available bandwidth given to the ISPs. The FCC recently held an auction for TV stations and broadcaster firms to sell some or all of their broadband spectrum back to the FCC, which would then auction the bandwidth to ISPs and cell phone companies. The problem? The ISPs and cell phone companies refused to bid fairly, so the auction prices were insanely low, and the vast majority of broadcasters refused to sell.

This is the slippery slope. Government hasn’t had any success in controlling the Internet until now. This is their foot in the door. The real solution is to bust up the monopolies and allow greater competition, not reclassify a non-utility as a utility.

When Standard Oil controlled 88% of the oil market, we didn’t make gasoline a utility and nationalize the refineries. We broke up the monopolies.

Hell, even the name ‘net neutrality’ is a misnomer, as is everything surrounding a government power grab. Net neutrality will not make your life better, and it will not make the Internet neutral, it will simply drive smaller ISPs out of business whilst rewarding the large international ones that give out out corporate fellatio to the government.

And naturally, once the government is in control of the ISPs, the logical next step is turning off access to people the government doesn’t like, i.e, those with “racist” or “bigoted” views. In other words, Breitbart, Infowars, Gateway Pundit, and Department of Memes.

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And since everything is now a government-mandated regulation, there would be no recourse.

You can’t sue the water company for turning off your water for noncompliance, and you can’t sue the government for turning off your Internet for not complying with whatever hate speech regulations they’re bound to enact.

But at least you’d get 4k on Netflix for a marginally cheaper price, so being a net neutrality-supporting degenerate cuckold has its perks.

TL;DR: ‘Net Neutrality’ is code for intrusive regulations by Marxcucks in government to create stronger corporate monopolies, kill competition, and eventually give the feds precedent to censor and control the internet. It hurts both smaller web startups and alternative media, and you, the consumer.



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