Londonistan: Hero of London Terror Attack Homeless While Migrants Sleep in Luxury Housing

Infowars: The man immortalized as the ‘Lion of London Bridge’ after his heroism during the latest terror attack in London is now living in a hostel indefinitely while the UK government races to resettle tower fire survivors in luxury housing.

Roy Larner engaged three armed Islamic terrorists with his bare hands, likely saving many lives by occupying the jihadists and their knives, which were plunged into his body eight times.

Larner became an international hero when the world learned of his bravery during the horrific massacre while some unarmed police officers reportedly fled the scene.

“I saw two guys with big knives downstairs… They were stabbing people,” said one eye witness, according to the Guardian. “The police were running away, they were community police. They were normal officers, they were running away.”

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It was later revealed that Larner is currently unemployed and was sleeping on friend’s couches.

fter spending nearly two weeks in hospital recovering from his wounds, Larner was released to continue his recovery in a hostel where he will live indefinitely, sharing facilities with strangers.

“I could be there for three months or six months – or a year,” he told theSouthwark News. “It’s just a room with a shower in with shared kitchen facilities.”

Larner was forced to deal with the horrific consequences of decisions by the UK government to disarm its citizens and police while admitting thousands of potential terrorists into the country and allowing a reported 23,000 jihadists to roam freely – some even returning from fighting with ISIS in the Middle East.

Meanwhile, prospects for some victims of the Grenfell Tower fire appear shaping up quite differently, as many are to be permanently resettled in a new luxury housing complex – and if they are in the country illegally, they will also receive amnesty.

“Survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire who are in the country illegally will be given an amnesty if they come forward to police and other authorities,” reports the Time of London. “The pledge comes in response to concerns that undocumented migrants who survived last week’s blaze may be unaccounted for because of fears over their immigration status.”

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“A similar concern surrounds survivors who may have been living illegally in sublet flats in the tower block in west London.”

Additionally, the UK government has caved in to pressure from leftists – spearheaded by Labour Party hero and radical socialist Jeremy Corbyn – calling for luxury properties to be seized and appropriated for victims of the fire, who are currently living in hotels.

“Sixty-eight flats in a luxury apartment complex where prices start at £1.6m (~$2 million) are being made available to families displaced by the Grenfell Tower fire,” reports the Guardian.

These families are projected to begin moving in as early as July, and will be considered permanent residents at the $2.5 billion development that features a gym, swimming pool, spa, cinema, and 24 hour concierge.

Taxpayers are also footing the bill for extra construction workers to be employed on the build to ensure it is completed as soon as possible.

“Extra public money has been found to fit out the flats more quickly, and the developer has taken on more staff and relaxed working hours rules, the DCLG said, with the aim of having the homes ready by the end of July,” reports the Evening Standard in a piece detailing outrage from owners withing the complex who prepaid millions of dollars for their homes, years ago, and anticipate watching their property values plummet with the injection of ‘social housing’ residents.

Frustrated Brits have not missed the double-standard in play, and are speaking out on social media.

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