Leftists Have A Website Where They Pretend They’re In The Madam President Timeline

God Emperor Trump

The website is called President Hillary Rodham Clinton, and it can by found by going to hillarybeattrump.org, not that anyone in their right mind would want to.

The days of hearing the words “president” and “Hilary Clinton” in the same sentence should be long behind us, however, delusional liberal seem to be determined to live in a schizophrenic fantasy land where Hilary Clinton is the President of the United States.

With headlines such as “Police Declare Ceasefire On Black Teens” and “Trump Spotted Trying To Stuff Tampons Into His Penis,” you know you’re in for a ride.

In this fictional utopia, Leslie Jones is the press secretary for the White House. Leslie fucking JonesĀ is the press secretary in this “Utopian” world. And liberals make fun of Sean Spicer, so apparently some things are the same.

Stop A Commie

As we continue to win for the next 8 years, we’ll all be looking forward to seeing more and more liberals slowly losing their sanity and sense of humanity.

Every day we stray further from God’s light.



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