Liberal Teacher Caught On Video Encouraging 10th Grade Students To Protest Trump

At Oakland Tech High School in California a liberal teacher invited an anti-Trump activist into his classroom to teach his students how to protest President Donald Trump and encourage them to sign up for an organization designed to protest Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrests and attend meetings to organize against the president.

God Emperor Trump

When the video begins the lesson is already ongoing, and the activist details how he and his associates have protested ICE arrests, kept people from being deported, and created an activist network that can swarm any ICE checkpoint as soon as it is formed.

“So the signup sheet is to sign up, and even if you signed up for something previously sign up for this as well,” the activist encouraged the students, “but also we are um, we’d love everyone to come to the meeting tomorrow as well, so write a star next to your name if you’re interested in the meeting tomorrow.”

“And also we are providing transportation,” the activist finished.

Stop A Commie

One of the students, clearly fed up with being taught how to protest the president at school, asked the activist “What is your policy on immigration, do you believe we should just open it up entirely and let everyone in, just let them walk through?”

The activist’s response to the student was “Yeah, because an economy is as strong as its people, and if there was no jobs at any particular moment it’s not because, uh, there’s too many people, it’s because people like Donald Trump are not being forced to hire us,” he continues, “it’s because there’s not jobs, healthcare, and education for all.”

This is the type of brazen brainwashing our children are subjected to in the public school system.



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