Leftists Are Apparently Defacing, Licking Public Toilets To Protest Trump

According to 4chan and Reddit users, the newest, edgiest way to protest President Trump is to deface and lick a public toilet.

A reverse image search shows no evidence these are fakes, and frankly, doesn’t it seem like something the left would do? A few months ago they were threatening to cut their dicks off to protest the border wall.

God Emperor Trump

The phenomenon was first documented by a Reddit user yesterday, and absolutely no explanation has been offered by anyone.

Surprisingly, 4chan also had no idea what was happening. This is not another example of “bleed for equality” or “piss for equality” psychological warfare.

Stop A Commie

If you have any idea what is happening here, or in the minds of these very unwell people, please let us know. This is some seriously weird shit.

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