Kid Rock Is Thrashing All Opponents In Latest Poll And It’s Not Even Close

The world had better get used to the idea of “Senator Rock” after the latest poll shows the conservative musician thrashing his likely competition to the point where competition is really a misnomer.

The Trafalgar Group poll released this morning has Kid Rock polling at 50% for the Michigan Republican Primary, with his closest competitor polling at an embarrassingly low 9%.

God Emperor Trump

Yes, at this early stage of the game, Kid Rock is winning by a whopping 41%.

Kid Rock – 49.6%
Lena Epstein – 9.4%
John James – 7.1%
Bob Young – 5.8%
Undecided – 28.1%

It’s honestly comical at this point that anyone would even consider competing against Kid Rock.

Department of Memes recently reported on Kid Rock’s recent decision to begin registering voters during his concerts, bringing the concept of “rock the vote” to an entire new level.

The singer songwriter is not only a conservative but a pro-Trump maverick with a healthy disdain for congress.

Stop A Commie

As we reported in our article covering Kid Rock’s senatorial announcement, he told Rolling Stone, regarding President Donald Trump, “Somebody’s just gotta smack the f**k out of Congress and get them to start working together, and put this bullsh** aside and get this country back on track.”

This is not the first poll where Kid Rock has seen a massive lead, even at this early stage of the campaign.

As Department of Memes covered earlier this week, a Delpian Analytica poll shows Kid Rock winning by 4% against the incumbent Democrat, Senator Debbie Stabenow, should he win the primary.

The Trafalgar Group poll shows Kid Rock winning against Senator Stabenow as well.

The world had better get used to saying “Senator Rock.” We’re going to be hearing it a lot.



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