Identity Evropa Crashes Pro-Illegal Event, Triggers Fat SJWs

Identity Evropa, a pro-white identity organization, traveled to Miami, Florida on August 2, 2017 to peacefully protest a pro-illegal immigrant event.

The organization that held the event calls itself the Campaign to Defend Local Solutions, which bills itself as an organization that seeks to return power to citizens at the local level, and fight back against state and local politicians who “don’t like when we as a community pass laws to ban smoking, protect our environment, raise wages, ensure local hiring, and prevent gun violence.”

While this may their claim, the event Identity Evropa peacefully disrupted clearly discussed how to protect illegal immigrants from facing the consequences of their actions.

God Emperor Trump

One woman at the microphone bragged that they helped to convince Broward County, Florida to pass a “welcoming resolution,” which made the entire county a sanctuary for illegal immigrants, while another activist boasted that the Campaign to Defend Local Freedom is a diverse group, and bragged about having “undocumented folks” in their organization.

The Identity Evropa activists waited until an opportune time, and peacefully approached the stage holding a banner that read “Secure Our Border, Secure Our Future, Identity Evropa.”

In a Facebook live stream of the event that was quickly deleted by the Campaign to Defend Local Solutions, the overweight black woman at the microphone was heard asking the Identity Evropa activists to leave the stage in a panicked, aggravated tone. Upon her request, the Identity Evropa activists peacefully left the stage and went on their way.

Stop A Commie

On Identity Evropa’s online after action report, a sort of press release aimed mostly at other white identity advocates, they say attended the event and “protested a screening of the film The Deportation of Innocence and the following panel discussion hosted by The Campaign to Defend Local Solutions, The League of Women Voters of Miami-Dade County, The Florida Immigrant Coalition, the South Florida Interfaith Worker Justice, and the Global Peace Film Festival in Miami.”

The press release adds that “these organizations advocate for the disastrous ‘sanctuary city’ policy, which encourages city and county governments to illegally ignore the lawful deportation orders of federal immigration authorities.”

Identity Evropa describes itself as a “generation of awakened Europeans” with the laudable goal of “opposing those would would defame [their] history and rich cultural heritage.”

A European identitarian movement, their website explains that, in their view, “in a time when every other people are asserting their identity, without action, we will have no chance to resist our dispossession.”

The American Defamation League calls Identity Evropa a “white supremacist organization” that will destroy the very fabric of society by “talking to [college] students” about their ideas.

Identity Evropa was founded by Nathan Damigo, who made national headlines when he appeared to attack a female antifa protester – a woman later dubbed “Moldylocks” – during the Second Battle of Berkeley without being provoked.

The woman was later revealed to have attended the event with the goal of “scalping Nazis,” and had a bottle she presumably intended to use as a weapon in her hand.



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