MTV’s ‘Decoded’ Host Calls Anti-SJWs Basement Dwelling Losers, Virgins

For those unaware, MTV has a web series called “Decoded.” If you weren’t aware of this show before, don’t feel bad, the show’s views are laughable at best.

While episodes early on bragged at least 100,000 views, since late 2015 to early 2016 the show has been failing miserably, likely due to its racist anti-white undertones.

The host, Franchesa Ramsey, tried to fix this by reaching out to her more popular and successful critics, such as Armored Skeptic and Andywarski.

For a while, this worked. Both YouTubers reported that they were having regular contact with Ramsey and that she “just wanted to have an open conversation.”

This all came crashing down in a recent podcast that Ramsey did with her husband.

In her podcast, Ramsey painted all “anti-SJWs” as basement-dwelling losers who only hate feminism because they can’t get laid.

Yes, she actually said this.

It gets worse, though. Throughout the entire podcast, Ramsey continuously goes back on every single pro “agree-to-disagree conversation” statement she’s ever made.

Not only does she take back everything she’s promised, Ramsey also slanders all of her critics as “hate speech” and compares every single critic of feminism and Black Lives Matter to professional wrestling.

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“If someone disagrees with me, they must be faking it!”

Hopefully, this will serve as a warning to all other critics of the Regressive Left; Regressive Leftists don’t want a conversation, they want to silence and insult anyone who disagrees with them.






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