He Broke Me: 6 Leftists Who Were Driven To Ruin By ‘Alt-Right Trolls’

1. Amy Schumer

Image Credit: Anna Hanks

After becoming outspoken in her political beliefs about Trump, feminism, and body positivity during the 2016 presidential campaign to the point where she caused a Florida audience to boo and leave one of her shows, Schumer was evidently unprepared for the backlash that naturally comes from attacking half of America.

Schumer blamed her dumpster fire Netflix comedy special’s record-poor reviews on “alt-right trolls,” but when her movie Snatched bombed spectacularly at the box office it was clear that there were more than frogposters rejecting her brand.

2. Charlie Sheen

Image Credit: Angela George

Since tweeting that he wanted God to kill President Donald Trump, Sheen has not been heard from or seen in any new projects. It would appear his brand has become AIDs in Hollywood.

God Emperor Trump

Pun intended.

3. LeBron James

Image Credit: David Herrera

After the candidate he vociferously supported for President was roundly blown out in the electoral college, James suffered a similarly embarrassing blowout in the 2017 NBA Championship Series.

Since these defeats James has suddenly suffered a totally coincidental string of evil ‘hate crimes’, which he posts about on social media.

4. Kathy Griffin

This woman admits she was ‘broken’ by the backlash of white men on social media over her ISIS-style photo shoot.


Stop A Commie

5. Hillary Clinton

Speaking of broken women.

6. Shia LaBeouf

Perhaps the most spectacular example of a leftist driven to ruin by meme warfare, LaBeouf’s life has spiraled out of control in every aspect, public and private.

The best part about this particular saga is that it is not yet over. LaBTFO was recently arrested while drunk in public, called the white police officer who arrested him a race traitor, and proceeded to threaten to kill him while on camera.

Who knows what comes next for Shia. We can only hope it will be caught on video, or better yet provide autists another opportunity to steal his stupid flag again.

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