THEY GOTTA GO BACK: 5 Immigration Promises President Trump Kept

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President Trump has a lot to boast about in his first six months.

Whether it’s the booming jobs market, the bigly gains in the stock market, or the return of a strong American foreign policy, he has defied all expectations and succeeded where the haters have said he would fail.

But nowhere has the winning been bigger than on illegal immigration.

As we all know, illegal immigration was arguably his #1 issue in the campaign – as such, he has been cracking down so hard on illegal immigration almost unilaterally, and the results have been astounding.

God Emperor Trump

Here are five accomplishments under President Trump in the realm of illegal immigration that should make most of us sick of winning so much.

5. ICE Arrests Way Up

In the first four months of his presidency, the President’s crackdown on illegal immigration resulted in a massive jump in the rate of ICE arrests by 38%, according to Fox News. This amounted to about 41,000 total individuals, about 75% of which had prior convictions. This also constituted an increase of 50% in the arrests of at-large illegal aliens, and a 150% increase in the arrest of non-criminal illegal aliens.

4. MS-13 Scum Deported en Masse

Nowhere is the disease of illegal immigration more accurately represented than in the scum of the violent El Salvadorian gang known as MS-13. With thousands of members in the U.S. constantly raping and murdering others, the President and Attorney General Jeff Sessions vowed to crack down on this organization in particular. Over 400 members were deported within the first five months of the Trump presidency – already nearly the same total as the amount Obama deported within his last full year (534 in the entirety of 2016). The rate at which they were being deported back to El Salvador was so fast that even El Salvadorian officials were panicking and proposing new legislation to better monitor the returning members, in order to keep the violent epidemic under control.

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3. DACA and DAPA = Dead-a

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Two of the most controversial executive amnesty orders from the Obama era are dead – or rather, one is dead and the other is about to be taken off life support. DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans) and DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) were both designed to use family ties to justify amnesty, with DAPA applying to parents of illegal children born in the U.S., and DACA applying to illegals who came to America as children. President Trump rescinded DAPA, but appeared reluctant to do the same to DACA. However, it has been confirmed in a closed-door meeting between Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and Democratic lawmakers that DACA is going to die very soon. General Kelly told the Democrats that in the impending lawsuit against DACA, filed by a handful of states during Obama’s tenure, the Trump DHS and Justice Department will not defend DACA in court. This all but guarantees that it will be defeated and ruled unconstitutional, thus ending it through judicial means rather than legislative means.

2. Wall Funded and Under Way

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Easily the biggest goal with illegal immigration is to Build the Wall. After much speculation that weak-kneed Republicans would not support it, the House Appropriations Committee approved the President’s request for $1.6 billion to fund the wall as part of the budget for the fiscal year 2018. Following that, it was reported that the Army Corp of Engineers has already begun preliminary work to prepare for the wall’s construction, testing the terrains of various border areas to determine which types of wall might suit those locations best. Prototypes are already under construction in a region of the border near San Diego.

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1. Illegal Border Crossings Down Over 70%

What could possibly be bigger than the Wall? The fact that illegal immigration over the Southern border has plummeted since Trump took office. The number has continued to climb, and currently stands at around a 73% decrease in the rate of illegal crossings since before he took office. This was based almost entirely on the president’s words before he even truly began cracking down on legislation such as DAPA and DACA, and with such measures as the wall and others still yet to take full effect, expect that number to rise even higher.



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