God Emperor Trump Mysteriously Republished by Facebook

God Emperor Trump Facebook Page Republished Zucced

God Emperor Trump mysteriously reappeared on Facebook in the hands of its creator after five days of extremely odd behavior on the part of Facebook. 

The page suddenly reappeared on Facebook around 2 p.m., after the admins were removed from the page on March 29, and the page was later unpublished on March 30. Facebook provided no explanation for any of these events, and our second page, God Emperor Trump II: The Emperor Strikes Back remains unpublished.

As stated yesterday, God Emperor Trump II was unpublished with no explanation as well. No content was removed from the page, and we did not receive the “Session Expired” notification from Facebook. We are hesitant to appeal Facebook’s decision, as the penalty for losing the appeal is to lose the page as well as access to our accounts for as long as 30 days.

Strangely, the page was republished by Facebook only hours after coverage on Infowars’ new website, Newswars. Other well known conservative media outlets began contacting Facebook around this time.

God Emperor Trump

Our Facebook page has been unpublished and returned to us three times. We find it highly suspect that the two commonalities to all of these times are news coverage from the phenomenal team at Infowars and interest from major conservative journalists. We urge those conservatives who find themselves in similar positions to our own examine this as a learning opportunity. While we have no idea about the internal machinations of Facebook, we remained optimistic that this was an algorithmic failure and would be corrected by a human at Facebook. We assume this is what happened.

Still, this event has been disheartening. The first time our page was unpublished was one June 16, 2016. The next was in early January of 2017, and now this latest event in March of 2018. While we find this sort of thing flattering, it is frankly disturbing to see it happen year after year. Facebook seems to be making few strides in the fields of security or algorithmic fidelity, and is the user base – especially conservatives – who suffer needlessly.

We remain optimistic Facebook will see that the decision to unpublish God Emperor Trump II: The Emperor Strikes Back was, too, a mistake that can be corrected by human intervention.

We cannot possibly begin thanking the many pages and entities who came to our defense during this insanity, but we will try anyway:

Infowars/Newswars (Dan Lyman @CitizenAnalyst)

The MILO Show & Dangerous.com

Breitbart News

Big League Politics

Stop A Commie

Dr. Oliver McGee

Neon Revolt

Goldfire Media

Two Way Radio

Rowdy Conservatives

I, Hypocrite

Members of God Emperor Trump (Official)

Our amazing group of admins, editors, mods, and shitposters

Finally, each of us want to say a sincere thank you to everyone who followed this story to this point.



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