Why ‘God Emperor Trump’ Is Excited About Minds And You Should Be Too

Admins of the popular Facebook meme page believe it is time for conservatives to stop depending on openly hostile social networks for community, news, and entertainment. 

Facebook is notoriously hostile to conservatives. All the way back in 2016 the company was accused of manipulating its trending news algorithm to censor conservative websites like Breitbart. When caught red handed, Facebook blamed a few rogue employees, and said they would fix the problem by creating an algorithm to determine trending news instead of relying on people. Yet, two years later, there is not a single conservative source in the trending news category. There never is.

Since 2015, the company has also been accused of singling out conservatives and banning them, sometimes erasing their presence from the website. Paul Joseph Watson, editor at large for Infowars, is frequently banned for several days at a time. The Facebook page Disdain for Plebs was once taken down entirely and was only republished after Breitbart wrote an article about the situation. Lauren Southern was briefly banned from Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, for posting pictures of cute animals.

Occupy Democrats Logic, Nationalist Navyseal Memes, and Being Libertarian have also been targeted. Nationalist Navyseal Memes was taken down in its entirety.

God Emperor Trump

The Facebook page God Emperor Trump has experienced worse censorship than perhaps anyone on this page. It received a notification saying it was unpublished in June of 2016, was actually taken down in September of 2016, and was only brought back after various media outlets and social media personalities including Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson, and covered the page. Only a few months later, it was unpublished a second time in January. This second time Infowars and Gateway Pundit covered the scandal, and the page was reinstated. A writer for Breitbart told the head admin of God Emperor Trump that he heard from his contact at Facebook it was all a tragic misunderstanding.

Most recently, the page had five of its admin accounts vanished in the middle of the night. These were real accounts. One admin had been using his since he was 12 years old.

This was the final straw for us at God Emperor Trump and Department of Memes. While abandoning Facebook entirely is a pipe dream, it is time to stop depending on Facebook and only Facebook for building a community, sharing news, and posting memes.

Why We Chose Minds

The Minds home page

Minds is an open source platform that is focused on free speech and privacy. It also boasts a warm, tight-knit community. The co-founders might even appear in your comments section if you have a popular post.

In their own words, Minds solves the problems we outlined above with “free and open source software, free speech policy, anonymity, encryption and decentralization.”

Even though they are a pro-free speech social network, and a relatively new one at that, they have a large and deeply committed number of registered users, with over 2 million visiting the site every month. Because users are so committed to the platform, even though someone might only have 10,000 subscribers, their channel – what Minds calls user profiles – may be viewed millions of times.

In addition to basic social media features like a profile you can customize, a handle with a screen name you can change, the ability to post statuses, articles, videos, and pictures, and a built in encrypted messaging system, Minds offers features most of us would never expect from a social media website.

As Patreon and PayPal continue to terminate agreements with people like Lauren Southern and Pamela Geller simply because they dislike what they have to say, Minds offers its own crowd funding platform. Minds also allows users to monetize their channel with ads, donations, subscriptions, paid content, and an affiliate link allowing users to make money by inviting others to join Minds. (Full disclosure, we are using this affiliate link at the end of this article. If you sign up using our link, we will receive 25% of the money you spend on Minds should you choose to buys ‘points’. More on this in a moment.)

While Facebook constantly suggests page owners spend $10, $20, or $50 to “boost” a post, Minds offers a free peer-to-peer advertising option. Generating engagement on Minds rewards you with ‘points’ that can then be used to advertise posts to other viewers. Users can also donate their points to another channel (thanks to the people who have been doing this for us – we as of yet do not know how to figure out who is doing it, but hopefully we can figure it out soon and thank you personally).

Most importantly, Minds does not manipulate newsfeeds. God Emperor Trump, a page with 306,000 ‘likes’, can expect to reach between 5,000-15,000 on an average post. A great post will reach 100,000, and a spectacular post might actually come close to reaching 300,000. Facebook does this as an incentive to “boost” posts to our audience, spending money to reach people who we know would like to hear from us. It is a totally insane system, and Facebook keeps their secret algorithm closely guarded.

Stop A Commie

Minds does the opposite. According to Business Insider:

“Minds also promises to use a de-mystified algorithm to boost content. Facebook for years has been changing which content gets pushed onto people’s newsfeed, which has ultimately resulted in a huge decline of organic reach. Instead of remaining a mystery to its users, Minds’ algorithm works by giving users more reach the more they post. People using Minds are then able to pick and choose which post they want more prominently displayed throughout the website.”

Even better, Minds is not a platform devoid of right wing voices by any means. As we detailed in our list of 10 Based Minds Channels, Sargon of Akkad, Paul Joseph Watson, Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux, and a myriad of others are already on the platform. Some are quite active. Right wingers will immediately feel at home on Minds.

It’s Not An Echo Chamber

The Anti-Media on Minds

Surprisingly, even though is has a massive community of right wingers, Minds is not an echo chamber. This was vital in our decision to focus on the platform, as God Emperor Trump began as a grassroots campaign to elect President Trump. There is no point in trying to win over people already on our side.

In its early days, the hacktivist collective Anonymous endorsed Minds. This led to a slew of Occupy protesters to flock to Minds, and being a user-owned platform, it became an example of how corporate structures could work.

Some of the largest channels on Minds are libertarians who write blogs about veganism, legal marijuana activists, and left wing news websites.

Minds Over Gab?

God Emperor Trump on Gab

We at Department of Memes do not see it this way. Gab is a wonderful platform, and we have Gab accounts. However, Minds is perfectly designed for memes, is fully fleshed out, has mobile apps on Apple’s App Store as well as Android’s Google Play, and as mentioned before, is not dominated by either the right wing or the left wing.

Gab, unfortunately, had its mobile app for iOS rejected for totally bogus reasons. While we expect this to change as time goes on, their website displays images in a short, wide rectangle, meaning users cannot see a full image until after they click. It is also almost entirely dominated by right wingers who were forced off Twitter due to their political beliefs.

However, as we mentioned God Emperor Trump and Memelord For Hire both have Gab. We intend to make it a major part of our social media strategy going forward, in the same way we have made Twitter an important part of our social media strategy.

It’s Time To Join Minds

If after reading this, you are ready to make the plunge and join God Emperor Trump, Memelord For Hire, Lauren Southern, Paul Joseph Watson, Sargon of Akkad, Infowars, Stefan Molyneux, Dave Rubin, and countless other based right wingers on Minds, please consider using our affiliate link. As we disclosed earlier, we may receive a portion of any money you spend using Minds – which is totally free unless you buy their premium services – should you decide to do so in the distant future.

If you prefer not to divert any shekels to the Department of Memes staff, here is the regular link. We really, really want our fans to join this platform.

After you finish making your account, make sure to subscribe to God Emperor Trump to keep getting the highest energy memes on the Internet.



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