God Emperor Trump Facebook Page Unpublished

God Emperor Trump Facebook Page Unpublished

PRESS RELEASE: The popular pro-Trump Facebook page ‘God Emperor Trump’ appears to have been unpublished by Facebook on March 31, 2018, at around 4 p.m. CT. The page had 330,000 likes.

This is the latest in a string of developments that began when Facebook removed all of the admins from God Emperor Trump at 2:22 p.m. on March 29. Facebook’s automated form to appeal this decision is currently not working.¬†Because all accounts were removed at precisely the same time, we believe this had to be the work of Facebook and not a human.

Using Facebook’s own reports, we confirmed none of our accounts were compromised. Additionally, we confirmed that a master account we kept on the page, which was completely apolitical and owned by a real person who is not formally on the Department of Memes/God Emperor Trump team, was not compromised.

God Emperor Trump Facebook Page Unpublished
Image Credit: Facebook

We believe Facebook surrendered our page to the same group of Pakistani hackers who stole it in January of 2018, as reported in InfoWars’ website NewsWars.

God Emperor Trump

The page began posting a deluge of left-wing content that was highly anti-Trump, as well as clickbait articles about President Trump’s hair. When our fans began posting about the events in the comments section, many were banned by the page. Many of our fans told us they reported the page to Facebook in hopes something would happen, or merely because they were mad about receiving anti-Trump posts in their newsfeed, and this may have contributed to Facebook taking the page down. It remains possible the hackers themselves might have unpublished the page in an attempt to insulate themselves from the media coverage and onslaught of anger generated by these events.

God Emperor Trump Facebook Page Unpublished
Left: A screen shot of what the hackers posted in January; Right: What they posted before the page was taken down. Image Credit: Facebook

Providr Media is somehow associated with Born Realist, a company located in Pakistan. It has a sizable Facebook page, and a reasonably impressive presence on Linkedin. They present themselves as a startup social media company that makes money by using their Buzzfeed-like pages to sell advertising.

The Facebook profiles of those associated with the page are very public.

God Emperor Trump Facebook Page Unpublished
An image of the creator of Born Realist’s Facebook page. Image Credit: Facebook

These events have been reported to law enforcement since January, including the FBI, and relevant state and local law enforcement.

Prior to the page being unpublished, we filed a copyright complaint with Facebook. God Emperor Trump is a fictional character parodying President Trump owned by Department of Memes LLC. We believe Facebook will realize this is likely tied to an algorithmic failure in their system, and reverse the decision. The page was made in December of 2015 by Tom Pappert, who has appeared twice on The MILO Show discussing, among other topics, the Facebook page. Additionally, we are reviewing our legal options.

While this is a situation where facts are constantly changing and more information is coming out, we are very confident that this can be resolved by Facebook with very little fuss. However, we have no ability to contact Facebook directly, and rely on our fans and friends in the conservative media to spread the word until someone who works at Facebook sees this mistake.

Stop A Commie

Below are clips from Tom Pappert’s appearances on The MILO Show and Two Way Radio where he discussed Facebook removing the admins from the page. Both shows aired March 30, 2018.

More screen shots and information is available upon request. Additionally, Tom Pappert is available for interviews via phone and Skype to discuss this.

Email: anonsonn@gmail.com





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