A Hollywood Filmmaker is Fundraising For “Adventures Of Baron Trump” The Movie

Earlier this years the meme infantrymen of /pol/ discovered the existence of an obscure 19th-century children’s book series about the adventures of a character named “Baron Trump” by Ingersoll Lockwood.

God Emperor Trump

Word about the books spread like wildfire in right-wing political circles, due to eerie references such as the settings on New York’s Fifth Avenue and Russia, the title of one book being The Last President, and the fact that the narrator’s name is Don.

In fact, the books have become such a viral sensation that now a self-identified conservative filmmaker is planning to turn meme magic into reality.

Leigh Scott is the filmmaker in question, and he has created an Indiegogo page where he hopes to raise $100,000 to fund a feature film about the memetic adventures of Baron Trump.

Scott gives some background info on the Indiegogo page:

“So an American author wrote a series of books about a young Baron Trump going on magical adventures through the hollow Earth? And it involves time travel? I’ve skimmed the books and know that there is a great story here. Plus the idea of turning this into a movie that people can’t ignore is trolling on another level. AND, I know that I can make an entertaining film for audiences of all ages.

I’m Leigh Scott. I’m a feature film director with over 30 credits, all distributed internationally and even a couple with limited theatrical releases. I’m also a Trump supporter, but shhh, don’t tell anyone here in Hollywood. I fear for my safety.

Fantasy is my favorite genre. I made the international mini-series “The Witches of Oz” a couple of years ago. I was also helped launch the LA based production company The Asylum. You know, the guys who make Sharknado. Yeah, that’s me. I’ve made good movies and bad ones, but they’re always entertaining on some level. Yes, even my 2007 film, ‘Transmorphers’.”

Scott goes on to explain that he has the necessary camera equipment and knows enough professionals to produce a high-energy adventure-fantasy movie on the aforementioned budget.

Stop A Commie

He has already released a short but captivating trailer for the film on YouTube, and describes his needs as follows:

“Cash. Just that simple. I have the cameras and most of the equipment. I also own a Visual Effects company. I just need money to pay for crew, costumes, actors, locations etc. I’ll try to get some of my famous friends on board, and if I exceed the target budget, then I will definitely cast name actors. But for 100k I know I can deliver a solid, professional, fun fantasy film. One worthy to bear the name of the God Emperor. “

As for the impact of the film, Scott is very optimistic.

“It’s simple. Introduce this madness to the general population. Turn Baron Trump into a fantasy icon like Harry Potter, Dorothy Gale or Alice. Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be nice if there was a BOY in one of these stories?”

It remains to be seen whether Scott will be able to raise the needed funds for the project, but one can only hope we will see Baron Trump dancing across our TV screens by the end of the year.



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