PURGE: Facebook Removes Admins from God Emperor Trump Page

Facebook Removes God Emperor Trump Page

PRESS RELEASE: Facebook suddenly, and without cause or notification, removed all of God Emperor Trump’s admins from the Facebook page on March 29, 2018 at 2:30 p.m. All admins were removed simultaneously, and no reason was given by Facebook.

God Emperor Trump, a popular pro-Trump conservative page with 330,000 ‘likes’, has twice been unpublished by Facebook before. Recently, the page noticed a sharp decline in reach. This may have been tied to the decision of Tom Pappert, the creator of the page, to appear on The MILO Show. Pappert was critical of Facebook’s community standards during the interview.

God Emperor Trump

Admins were notified of the removal only through an email by Facebook, simply saying they were removed. There is an option to click if we believe it to be a mistake, suggesting Facebook will allow us to appeal this decision. However, when we try to appeal the decision, the link is broken.

Facebook has no way for us to contact them. When calling their branch offices or their headquarters, voice mail answers all available extensions other than the extension set aside for Law Enforcement. The admin team believes it may have been an unintentional act on behalf of Facebook, as previously Facebook has admitted that the page was unpublished unintentionally. However, with no way to contact Facebook, and the livelihood of several different people threatened, we are shocked and without many options.

This also happened only days after we announced our new project, Zucc Report. Zucc Report will be a Facebook page and website that chronicles all instances of censorship and content removal by Facebook.

We believe this situation can and will be rectified if Facebook examines the situation.

The creator of the Facebook page, Tom Pappert, is available for interviews via phone, Skype, or email. Additionally, screen shots of the page, the removal email, and the broken link sent by Facebook, are all available upon request.

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Tom Pappert, page creator






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