God Emperor Trump, God Emperor Trump II Both Unpublished by Facebook

God Emperor Trump Unpublished God Emperor Trump II
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PRESS RELEASE: Pro-Trump Facebook pages God Emperor Trump (330,000 likes) and God Emperor Trump II: The Emperor Strikes Back (75,000 likes) were both unpublished by Facebook within a 24 hours of each other. No explanation was given.

This the latest in a truly bizarre series of events. Facebook first removed the admins from popular pro-Trump Facebook page God Emperor Trump on March 29 at precisely 2:22 p.m. We believe Facebook’s automated system returned control of the page to a group who stole it in January, as reported in InfoWars’ website NewsWars. The page was unpublished on March 31.

Once we began using God Emperor Trump II: The Emperor Strikes Back to communicate with our fans, it was unpublished on Easter Day, April 1, at approximately 8 p.m. The admins were indisposed, all having supper with their families.

No posts were removed from God Emperor Trump II. Facebook does not tell us what we did wrong. Without warning and with no reason given, all of the admins received a notification saying that the page God Emperor Trump II had been permanently unpublished. None of the admins received a community standard violation notification or a “session expired” notification. Especially in light of this series of events, we did whatever we could to adhere to Facebook’s Community Standards. Considering Facebook deleted none of our posts, it would seem that we did nothing to violate their Community Standards to warrant this [age being unpublished. The page was simply unpublished with no reason given by Facebook.

God Emperor Trump

Before God Emperor Trump or God Emperor Trump II were unpublished, we filed a copyright complaint against Facebook.


As we reported:

Prior to the page being unpublished, we filed a copyright complaint with Facebook. God Emperor Trump is a fictional character parodying President Trump owned by Department of Memes LLC. We believe Facebook will realize this is likely tied to an algorithmic failure in their system, and reverse the decision. The page was made in December of 2015 by Tom Pappert, who has appeared twice on The MILO Show discussing, among other topics, the Facebook page. Additionally, we are reviewing our legal options.

While these events continue to spiral, we remain optimistic Facebook will realize this gargantuan series of errors. To the thousands of fans sending us messages and asking what they can do to help, we ask you to share these events with conservative media, legislators, and other pages on Facebook. Whether intentional or accidental, Facebook is choosing to deplatform completely reasonable conservatives.

A brief timeline of these truly insane events:

March 29 – Facebook removed us from God Emperor Trump at 2:22 p.m. The only way to appeal the decision was disabled or broken. We use God Emperor Trump II: The Empire Strikes Back to reach our fans.

March 30 – God Emperor Trump begins posting same posts as hackers from January. We assume Facebook removed us and gave ownership back to them. Tom Pappert files copyright complaint with Facebook, showing ownership of the character God Emperor Trump through Department of Memes LLC.

Stop A Commie

March 31 – God Emperor Trump is unpublished by Facebook, no response given. We create God Emperor Trump III: Resurrection

April 1 – God Emperor Trump II: The Emperor Strikes Back is unpublished. No content is deleted by Facebook, and no posts were removed. The page is unpublished and we have no idea or explanation by Facebook as to why. Facebook has not replied to my copyright complaint.

In addition to the copyright complaint we have filed with Facebook, on Monday we have been instructed by counsel to proceed with contacting the the State Attorney General, and our congressmen.

Read yesterday’s article on this topic, God Emperor Trump Facebook Page Unpublished, for a more detailed accounting of events. Additionally, read the original press release here.

Tom Pappert can be reached by email, phone, Skype, or (ironically) Facebook.

Email – tom@departmentofmemes.com




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