Facebook Permanently Deleted 5 Of Our Admins’ Accounts With No Cause Or Explanation (Press Release)

RELEASE: Some time between 3 a.m. and 8 a.m. EST on August 21, 2017 Facebook removed almost every active account on God Emperor Trump.

God Emperor Trump

They also removed every active account on the Facebook page Memelord For Hire, actively shutting us out of that page.

We also lost admin privileges on our backup pages, God Emperor Trump II: The Emperor Strikes Back, and God Emperor Trump’s Inquisition.

There is one admin left on God Emperor Trump. He prefers to stay anonymous for various reasons, but should Facebook delete his account – which uses his real identity, and has been confirmed to Facebook over a year ago by sending an image of his driver’s license to Facbeook – then God Emperor Trump the Facebook page will cease to function.

This is the most flagrant attack Facebook has launched. It removed real accounts, with people’s real names, addresses, phone numbers, and photographs simply because they ran conservative Facebook pages.

We are at a loss as toward our next step. We have created a profitable business, Department of Memes, using these pages. We reach between 3-5 million people per week on Facebook, driving revenue to Facebook in the process. We painstakingly make sure not to violate any of Facebook’s terms and conditions.

Stop A Commie

In fact, none of our content was even removed. They left every video, picture, link, and text-post we ever made to all of our pages. They simply purged our accounts.

We are not Nazis, we are not ethno-nationalists. We are regular, every day Trump supporters. If we were, we would be the most ethnically and ideologically diverse group of Nazis to ever walk the earth.

In our view, this is an obvious, calculated attack against conservative Facebook users and conservative Facebook pages.

If you would like to contact us, please email the primary admin at anonsonn@gmail.com.

Thank you for enjoying our page. We have been in operation since December of 2015, and so long as Facebook allows us to remain, we look forward to many more years to come.




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