Facebook Deletes Pro-Trump Facebook Page With 330,000 Likes, Pro-Trump Group with 11,000 Members

God Emperor Trump Deleted Facebook
Image Credit: Facebook

PRESS RELEASE: Pro-Trump Facebook page God Emperor Trump, 330,000 likes, and its affiliated Facebook group God Emperor Trump (Official), 11,000 members, have both been deleted by Facebook with no explanation, provocation, or proper appeal process.

As Facebook continues to face criticism from Sen. Ted Cruz in Congress as well as in the the right wing media for alleged mass censorship of conservatives ranging from Dennis Prager to Diamond and Silk, the pro-Trump Facebook personality God Emperor Trump is the latest victim to fall to Facebook’s political bias.

God Emperor Trump’s page was deleted on May 8, some time between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. No posts were removed prior to this, and we had not received any warnings about violating Facebook’s Community Standards since 2017. The page was not unpublished as it has been in the past, it was completely deleted.

None of the page’s editors or admins received the customary “Session Expired” notification, and the creator of the page can no longer see it in his Facebook Business Account. The page was simply deleted from existence, and its owners have been given no explanation as to what might have provoked such an extreme decision from Facebook.

God Emperor Trump

As the page is totally gone from Facebook, there is no appeal process available.

Then, at approximately 9 a.m. on May 10, our Facebook group God Emperor Trump (Official) was deactivated by Facebook. The only vague reason given by Facebook was that content violating Facebook’s Community Standards was posted in the group. We have a team of over 10 volunteer moderators located in North America, Europe, and Oceania who take shifts moderating the group constantly. We had Official Rules in the group, and in these rules we stated that group members were not to post anything considered objectionable by Facebook. We routinely banned our own members for breaking Facebook’s rules, effectively doing Facebook’s job.

Yet the group was taken down, and it is our understanding that the appeal process will likely land every moderator and admin of the group a 30-day ban from Facebook. Essentially, we would be banned for the alleged actions of the members who we previously policed.

Meanwhile, Facebook pages like White Genocide Worldwide continue to exist.

Stop A Commie

This is far from the first time God Emperor Trump’s has been the target of censorship by Facebook. In June of 2016, we were temporarily unpublished for posting the phrase “Homosexuality is punishable by death in 11 Muslim nations.” In January of 2017, our page was unpublished with no reason stated.

In January of 2018, a Facebook exploit was abused by a group of Pakistani hackers using the Facebook page Born Realist as a front, and Facebook Security blatantly refused to help solve the issue even though the hackers were posting malware on God Emperor Trump. In March of 2018, the hackers briefly returned, eventually causing Facebook to temporarily delete and then restore God Emperor Trump. In spite of a message from Facebook insisting they removed the hackers from the page, the Pakistanis retained access, and only stopped posting to the page when we learned their identities and threatened legal action through the government of Pakistan. This situation was not resolved until April of 2018.

Facebook has been totally unwilling and unable to keep its users safe using its Community Standards. Instead, it seems even in spite of constant controversy, Facebook is continuing to selectively enforce its Community Standards to politically censor conservatives.

Tom Pappert is the creator of God Emperor Trump, the popular pro-Trump conservative Facebook personality. He is available for comment via phone, email, Skype, or Facebook.

Tom is a recent college graduate in Wichita, Kansas who first created the Facebook page to express his mainstream conservative views without offending his liberal college professors and class mates, and eventually used God Emperor Trump to build a community for Gen-Z and millennial conservatives who feel out of place and left behind by their peers. 

Email: tom@departmentofmemes.com



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