Everyone Is Saying ‘Alt-Left’ And Vice Can’t Stop Crying About It

A general benchmark for being a decent, moral individual is do exactly the opposite of what Vice News – the veritable sewer of the internet – tells you to do.

For instance, this past Wednesday Vice published an article begging people to stop calling people alt-left, a term first popularized by Fox News and radio host Sean Hannity and then disseminated to the masses by President Donald Trump in a press conference last Tuesday.

God Emperor Trump

The term has caught fire since the press conference, with places lime 4chan’s /pol/ board even organizing campaigns to spread it throughout social media.

Vice is so assbroken that the author of the article in question was practically begging liberals in the audience to stop uttering the deadly words alt-left:

“The alt-left has no semblance of guilt because the ‘alt-left’ does not exist. The alt-right is an amorphous movement with a fair amount of internal disagreement, but you can point to certain nodes and leaders: Breitbart, Steve Bannon, Milo Yiannopoulos, Mike Cernovich, 4chan, r/The_Donald, Richard Spencer, and so on. Some are explicit white supremacists and some aren’t, but they have shared beliefs that include an anti-immigrant nationalism, a love for Donald Trump, protectionist views on trade, a hatred of Establishment Republicans, and so on. There’s no corresponding movement on the left. Does ‘alt-left’ mean violent anti-fascists? Black Lives Matter activists? Bernie Sanders supporters who are vocal online? People who think the Democrats should reject identity politics? The Democratic Socialists of America? Actual communists?”

Vice has long considered itself an authority on the so-called alt-right, but as in every topic the publication discusses, it fails big league in naming what it considers to be the leaders of the movement.

I mean come on, no Stefan Molymeme?

But I digress.

Stop A Commie

The article goes on to make the ludicrous assertion that leftism is growing in popular support:

“Leftism—actual leftism, as opposed to the kind of moderate liberalism that has defined the Democratic Party for a generation—is unmistakably on the rise. Sanders’s primary campaign, along with the terrifying consequences of a Trump presidency, has inspired some formerly disaffected people to become politically active and convinced others that the Democratic Establishment isn’t equipped to handle this moment. In the past year, membership of the Democratic Socialists of America ballooned from 8,000 to 25,000. Left-wing media outlets and podcasts have blossomed, and Democratic politicians have embraced leftists policies like single-payer healthcare.”

“Moderate liberalism.” Haha.

The truth is though, although alt-left is a great term to mock the cuck media who screams ‘ALT-RIGHT’ at anyone to the right of Jane Fonda, Vice is indeed correct that no such faction exists.

All of the left has become cancerous, radical commie toxic waste. There is no “alternative” movement. They are all united in Marxist satanism.

Nevertheless, we need to keep saying “alt-left” as a means to confuse and humiliate the mainstream media, and throw a wrench in their propaganda mill.

And if nothing else, you’ll be triggering Vice and everyone like them to high heaven.



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