Doctor Who Becomes Nurse Who As Showrunners Replace Lead With A Woman

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Doctor Who is now officially Nurse Who as the producers select an actress to be the next to play the historically male role of The Doctor.

Ever since Steven Moffat took over the roles of head writer and executive producer of Doctor Who back in series five, the show has been less about story and more and more about SJW virtue signaling.

Well, now we’ve hit the breaking point.

God Emperor Trump

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On  July 16, it was announced that the 13th Doctor would be played by Jodie Whittaker, an actress from the hit TV show Broadchurch.

Whittaker is a decent actress, but acting talent isn’t the main issue fans are taking with this decision.

As one fan wrote:

Stop A Commie

The fact that BBC is taking a beloved male character and completely turning him into a female, all for the sake of diversity, is infuriating. Strong female leads are great, but do we really need to destroy all the great male leads to make room? Insane feminists seem to think so.

Of course, anyone who criticizes this decision is instantly called a slew of names, particularly by College Humor’s cancerous SJW tumor, Dorkly.

This decision was obviously made for publicity, not for the fans and the good of the franchise. It’s a shame BBC also fell prey to “progressive” pandering and tainted this once great show, but of course, this is not the first time BBC has totally cucked out when it comes to gender.

It is worth reminding our readers that BBC is a taxpayer funded organization. British taxpayers subsidize this type of gender bender political tomfoolery, and we can’t imagine they’re happy.




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