DANGEROUS By Milo: The Book That Was Banned

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Blunt. Rude. Tasteless. Terrible.

Those are some of the words you will read in most reviews of Milo Yiannopoulos’ new book, Dangerous.

What you won’t read about, however, is Yiannopoulos’ sincere admiration and love for American culture and values.

God Emperor Trump

Dangerous is gushing with praise for American ideals, focusing mostly on Yiannopoulos’ personal favorite, freedom of speech.

Yiannopoulos kicks off with an explanation of the cultural mess the United States finds itself suffering through. Yiannopoulos illustrates how, step by step, college professors and academics groomed impressionable students to become leftist degenerates, and how weak Republicans allowed it to happen.

While establishment conservatives were too busy fighting wars and electing officials, leftists were fighting and winning the early battles of the culture war.

After Yiannopoulos provides a brief history of leftist degeneracy through his eyes, he addresses specific outlets of leftist culture. Black Lives Matter, Feminism, Islam, Gamergate, and even the Alt-Right all get their own dedicated chapters. His wit, humor, and utter disregard for the hurt feelings of leftists is a warm welcome in this world devoid of humor and meaningful self-expression.

But perhaps the most important message in the book, Yiannopoulos makes an appeal to college-age leftists. Many of them are apart of the left because it’s “counter-culture” and they want to “take down the establishment.”

Milo makes the argument the left is the establishment. If someone wants to be apart of a counter-culture rebellion and stick it to the man, they must become a conservative, or in his words, “at least a libetarian.”

Stop A Commie

Because the right wing is where the fun is.

If you’re looking for an explanation as to who Yiannopoulos is and why he believes what he believes, buy this book. More importantly, if you know someone who was raised to be a centrist or a leftist, buy this book and force them to read it.

Even if you hate Yiannopoulos, buy this book.  

At the very least, readers walk away with an understanding of one of the most culturally significant and successful conservatives of the current year.

You can order Milo Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous on Amazon. It is available on Kindle and in hard cover.

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