CNN Is Getting Destroyed On Their Own Facebook Page And It’s Glorious

This has not been a good year for CNN. It’s only June and CNN has been downgraded from Fake News to Very Fake News, Jim Accosted was verbally bitch slapped by the President of the United States, and now Project Veritas is in the middle of releasing a slew of under cover videos showing CNN “journalists” and producers admitting the Trump-Russia witch hunt is a “nothing burger,” and in their own words, a bunch of “bullshit.”

God Emperor Trump

But if you haven’t seen CNN’s comments section on Facebook, you’re missing out on the best part. Americans and Kekistanis of all stripes are tearing what was left of CNN’s dignity to shreds.

These comments were from a post just seven minutes old when the screenshot was taken:

These comments were left on an article implying President Trump is an inactive president who rarely meets with congress.

Stop A Commie

This article almost comes off as even keeled, except CNN’s Facebook post directly contradicts the article. And you better believe they were called on it.

The best part about this is how different these people are. They are not your average shitposters. Some are clear Kekistani refugees, while others are our fathers, mothers, and grandparents.

It appears the one thing uniting generations of conservatives is a mutual hatred of the Cuckold News Network.

Editor’s Note: Does it seem really weird to anyone else that CNN’s Facebook page, a page with almost 30 million likes, is getting around 600-800 likes on each post? Fake news – fake followers?! 



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