CNN Is Blackmailing The Guy Who Made That WWE Trump Gif

Image Credit: Billy Hathorn

In a new article, CNN is bragging about blackmailing the Redditor who made the now famous gif posted by President Trump. You can view the entire (archived) story here.

The Redditor, who used the handle HanAssholeSolo to post the meme, spoke to CNN and asked them not to publish his name. They then forced an apology from him, and told him if he were to ever make another CNN meme, they would publish his name.

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God Emperor Trump

Merriam-Webster defines blackmail as “extortion or coercion by threats especially of public exposure or criminal prosecution.”

CNN threatening to dox someone if they do something they don’t like is basically blackmail.

Naturally, the Internet hate machine is pissed.

Also: Allegedly HanAssholeSolo is 15 years old.

Yes, CNN is threatening to publicly release the identity of a 15 year old kid who made a meme.

Stop A Commie

To make matters worse for the network, apparently Julian Assange of Wikileaks believes CNN may have violated the law in this stunt.

We will update this story as it develops, but frankly, it’s just an unsurprising though disappointing new low for the failing network.

Journalists are supposed to question authority and tell the story of the little guy. At least, that is what this shitposter turned writer was taught in college. Instead, CNN is bullying the little guy for telling a joke at their expense.

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Goliath is threatening to crush the smallest David imaginable, and David is not even allowed to use his metaphorical slingshot in defense.

But it’s okay, because they’re CNN. They’re the resistance. They’re not Adolf Trumpler.

Update: Jack Posobiec confirms HanAssholeSolo is 15, and he is an LGBT Trump supporter.



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  1. i’ve doxxed people for merely annoying me since 1998, i do hope CNN dies in a boat fire but you’re not going to guilt me into feeling bad about doxxing.

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