CNN Admits They Doxxed The Wrong Guy, Says They Don’t Care

We still don’t know how Trump got that Reddit gif” CNN admitted earlier this week, yet they are not taking any responsibility for blackmailing and threatening to dox an innocent person. You can view the archived version of CNN’s admission here.

When Wikileaks and even BuzzFeed started calling out CNN for doxxing the wrong guy, the network decided it was time to fess up. The Reddit user they doxxed may have made the original gif, but if this is the case, someone else still had to re-synchronize the original clip’s audio and extend it several seconds.

God Emperor Trump

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Yet, CNN stands by their decision to dox an innocent person, and insists this is somehow all President Trump’s fault.

According to CNN:

No, Trump didn’t get the video from Reddit. No, we won’t answer any questions about where he did get it from.

The creation of an alternative factual universe is one of the defining traits of the Trump presidency to date. Yes, his inauguration crowd was bigger than President Barack Obama’s. Yes, 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in the 2016 election. Yes, Obama ordered the phones at Trump Tower to be wire-tapped during the 2016 campaign. No, he didn’t get that anti-CNN GIF from Reddit. And so on and so forth.

So basically they had to dox this completely innocent guy because Trump wouldn’t tell them where he got the gif from. It’s all Trump’s fault because he’s not transparent about the source of his shitposts.

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In CNN’s world, it is the sworn duty of the President of the United States of America to reveal the source of every post he makes on Twitter. In their own words:

The cavalier attitude with which the Trump White House flouts agreed-upon facts and relies on “well, we said it” as its justification for almost anything is remarkable. That they would deny something as small — in the grand scheme of things — as the origins of a GIF in a tweet sent by the president suggests a commitment to “alternative facts” that is truly stunning.

These are the actual facts:

Stop A Commie

Some guy made a meme.

Trump posted the meme.

CNN freaked out and doxxed some random guy.

People proved beyond all doubt CNN doxxed the wrong guy.

CNN blamed Trump.

This is truly unbelievable. Some day in the distant future, psychologists will surely meet to discuss the fragile mental state of a major cable news network in the mid 2010s.




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