Chelsea Handler Says ‘Racism’ Should Be A Crime, Gets Roasted On Twitter

Image Credit: Peter Dutton

It’s always fun to see leftists self-implode on social media. The tide of popular opinion has shifted enough that there is now serious blow back for retarded statements that might have gone unchallenged in previous years.

A perfect example is a tweet from so-called comedian and massive slut Chelsea Handler that was posted Sunday night: “2 Chinese guys were arrested in Berlin for making nazi salutes. Wouldn’t it be nice [to] have laws here for people who think racism is funny?”

No. We don’t have any such laws here because we’re not fucking Orwellian scum. Feel free to move to Berlin if you want to live in a third-world police state, Chelsea. (What is it with ugly broads named Chelsea, anyway?)

God Emperor Trump

But I digress.

The response to Handler’s tweet has been nothing sort of epic. The replies are absolutely brutal, calling her everything from a crazy cat lady to a generally awful human being. In fact, the only response in the top replies that had anything positive to say about the OP was a dubious “she may be an awful person, but them titties ain’t awful.”

Other replies were more poignant. Mark Dice called it the day’s dumbest tweet, whilst user JeremyACrosby wondered “I wonder if she is in favour of this new law being retroactive, as she has told countless racist jokes over the years?”

Other replies poned fun at Handler’s lonely cat wench demeanor, suggesting she smells of used cat litter and is single for a reason. “I wouldn’t wish that #Biatch on any man!!!” Mustang4Justice intoned.

Stop A Commie

It was, all-in-all, a savage internet smackdown on an irrelevant feminist hag that had the misfortune of being dumb enough to broadcast her ludicrous opinions on social media to the internet hate machine.



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