Chelsea Handler Likes To Call People Nazis, But Her Grandpa Actually Was One

Image Credit: David Shankbone

Chelsea Handler is a single feminist slut who takes to Twitter and Comedy Central to cry and swear and call everyone she doesn’t like a Nazi. The irony to this is that she calls for the censorship and imprisonment of those who make jokes she doesn’t like, as Department of Memes has reported on in the past.

Upon doing some research, it becomes clear where Handler may have gotten her authoritarian and loser complexes from.

God Emperor Trump

A forgotten 2013 piece from Daily Mail reports on Handler’s devastation upon finding out that her own grandfather, Karl Stoecker, was an actual, literal Nazi:

“Every family’s history holds its secrets, for good and for bad. For comedian Chelsea Handler, the biggest questions lay with the fact that her maternal grandfather fought for the Nazi regime in World War II. In a new episode of TLC’s Who Do You Think You Are, Handler, 38, discovers exactly what role her grandfather, Karl Stoecker, played in one of history’s most atrocious genocides. She traces his path from Nazi soldier to American immigrant through documents and interviews with sources familiar with her family’s history. Handler’s story is made all the more compelling by the fact that was she raised Jewish in a family of faith.”

Top kek.

Like most Hollywood leftists, Chelsea Handler clings to Jewish identity as a way to distance herself from other white people.

Stop A Commie

It certainly must be traumatic for a woman who bitches about antisemitism and how President Donald Trump is literally Hitler to live with the fact that the only real Nazis were, in fact, her own ancestors.

It’s not uncommon for leftists to have strange connections to the very ideologies they claim to oppose. For instance, the cuck pope, Pope Francis, hails from the the notorious Nazi haven of Argentina. George Soros, the fabled leftist financier and general piece of shit, has admitted to being a Nazi collaborator in his youth.

The left loves throwing the label of fascist and Nazi (amusingly never using the latter in its full context as national socialism), but given their tactics, ideology, and history, one has to wonder if this a form of psychological projection.



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