Chelsea Clinton Got BTFO On Twitter For Criticizing White Parents

Image Credit: Lorie Shaull

Chelsea Clinton, who is famous for being the daughter of a corrupt politician and a philander, has been widely criticized on Twitter after saying all white parents need to discuss racism and hatred with their children, while leaving out every other demographic.

This type of anti-white racism did not go over well on Twitter.

God Emperor Trump

Stop A Commie

It is worth mentioning that Clinton, a young woman who is seemingly deeply concerned with white privilege, was given a cushy job at liberal-leaning NBC directly out of college, where she made $600,000 per year to film occasional feel-good segments for the network.

Clinton also had her luxurious wedding paid for by the Clinton Foundation.

It was revealed shortly after the 2016 presidential election that Democratic strategists are hoping Clinton will enter politics and eventually run for president to further the Clinton brand established by President Bill Clinton and continued by Hillary Clinton. In fact, as early as 2015 Politico predicted an eventual campaign for president on behalf of the former first daughter.

If this is the kind of welcome she can expect from voters, I think it’s safe to say the Clinton dynasty is dead in the water.



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