Buzzfeed Is Horrified Because Kids Use Trump’s Insults On Other Kids

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Department of Memes found something yesterday morning that’s about as rare as a virgin in a Thailand whorehouse: an amusing article from Buzzfeed.

Of course, since Buzzfeed is a failing pile of garbage, the story is only amusing when read ironically. The fear and delusion of the writers is palpable, and they seem to be very worked up about a civil rights crisis sweeping the nation – children quoting President Donald Trump to their classmates.

We’ll take a look at the highlights of the piece and point and laugh accordingly, while simultaneously reveling in awe at the based exploits of Generation Z.

From the article:

“Donald Trump’s campaign and election have added an alarming twist to school bullying, with white students using the president’s words and slogans to bully Latino, Middle Eastern, black, Asian, and Jewish classmates. In the first comprehensive review of post-election bullying, BuzzFeed News has confirmed more than 50 incidents, across 26 states, in which a K-12 student invoked Trump’s name or message in an apparent effort to harass a classmate during the past school year.

In the parking lot of a high school in Shakopee, Minnesota, boys in Donald Trump shirts gathered around a black teenage girl and sang a portion of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner,’ replacing the closing line with ‘and the home of the slaves.’ On a playground at an elementary school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, third-graders surrounded a boy and chanted ‘Trump! Trump! Trump!’

On a school bus in San Antonio, Texas, a white eighth-grader said to a Filipino classmate, ‘You are going to be deported.’ In a classroom in Brea, California, a white eighth-grader told a black classmate, ‘Now that Trump won, you’re going to have to go back to Africa, where you belong.’ In the hallway of a high school in San Mateo County, California, a white student told two biracial girls to ‘go back home to whatever country you’re from.’ In Louisville, Kentucky, a third-grade boy chased a Latina girl around the classroom shouting ‘Build the wall!’ In a stadium parking lot in Jacksonville, Florida, after a high school football game, white students chanted at black students from the opposing school: ‘Donald Trump! Donald Trump! Donald Trump!'”

God Emperor Trump

Oh, the horror!

On the one hand, Buzzfeed is latent fake news and most, if not all, of these incidents are unverified, but on the other, there is a cultural revolution sweeping the nation. Kids are breaking out of the bubble of communist indoctrination in school and telling political correctness to fuck off in the most hilarious fashion possible.

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The Buzzfeed piece doesn’t stop there. It reads like a goddamn novel about kids saying funny things to each other at school. There’s even a cool little map of the U.S. documenting each location where a kid supposedly said something about Trump at school.

It looks similar to maps that chart terrorist attacks… except we know Buzzfeed has never written an article about that.

One part of the piece is highlighted in bold, orange text: “Kids, like the president, tend to enjoy a good troll.”

Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.

Stop A Commie

Perhaps the best part of the article is the internalized horror of the writers upon realizing that they are losing the culture war. We’ve been pumping our globalist anti-white propaganda down these kids’ throats since they were in kindergarten- what went wrong?

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What went wrong is you’ve been pumping globalist anti-white propaganda down kids’ throats since they were in kindergarten.

The article continues to religiously document supposed hate speech in school for paragraph after paragraph. It’s like reading an obituary for political correctness.

One such example our readers may remember is the time a black teacher who railed against Trump in the classroom and called students racist was shocked when they pranked her with pro-Trump images on a whiteboard and mocked the prominent gap between her two front teeth.

The left is getting beaten, and they’re getting beaten big league.



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