BUSTED: CNN Producer ADMITS that Russia Coverage is for “Ratings”

Project Veritas, the group created by journalist James O’Keefe to expose leftist corruption, has struck gold again. In the latest explosive video from an undercover PV agent, CNN producer John Bonifield admits, on camera, that the primary motivation for CNN’s extensive promotion of the debunked “Russia” conspiracy theories against President Trump is “ratings.”

God Emperor Trump

At the start of the video, Johnny Boy admits that even IF the “Russia collusion” theory was real, it would be no more shocking than the similarly shady activities regularly performed by our own deep state, such as the CIA interfering in other countries’ elections.

He explicitly admits that “Even if Russia was trying to swing an election, we try to swing their elections, our CIA is doing this sh** all the time.”

Then, after conceding that he hasn’t “seen any good evidence to show that the President committed a crime,” he admits that CNN continues to push the Russia story “Because it’s ratings…Our ratings are incredible right now.”

Bonifield then even mentions the CEO of CNN, Jeff Zucker (though not by name), and says that in an internal meeting of CNN producers, Zucker told them to move on as quickly as possible from covering Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Accords in order to return to covering the Russia garbage.

Stop A Commie

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When confronted with that little obstacle known as “journalism ethics,” Bonifield quite literally laughs it off and declares that a news channel is “a business” that must focus on making money first and foremost. He derides the “cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism school,” and snidely remarks “That’s adorable… that’s adorable… This is a business.”

Indeed, this latest revelation should only lead to many more people looking down upon CNN with the same level of scorn, and the same two words: “That’s adorable.”



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